danny’s birthday (weekend)

This year, October 14th fell on a Monday.  October 14th as in Danny’s birthday and Monday as in a day we both have to work.  So this year we spread our celebrations out over four days.

On Friday we started out with some Which Wich.  Neither of us had been until recently when they started emailing us coupons, and needless to say, we are now really into Which Wich.  Such a fun concept and such delicious food too.  And, like I mentioned last month, somehow we can get filled up on a seven-inch sandwich.  Kind of weird, but also great.

Saturday found us driving up to Castle Rock for an early showing of “Gravity” (thanks, Ryan and Caley!) with our friends David and Kirsty.  Last I heard, Danny wasn’t too sure about how he liked the movie.  And as for me, I found it a bit too suspenseful for my taste.  Anyways, we followed the movie up with some Noodles & Company…


We love that place…possibly more than we should.

I had planned a nice leisurely hike for after lunch but what really happened is that we got lost.  Both in the car and on foot.  So even though we weren’t on the trail (yet), we took a picture so that when I wrote this post it would look like we went hiking and had a great time.


However, thanks to Danny’s persistence and cleverness, we found it shortly afterwards.

And wow.  So thankful we found it.






As we made our way back, we saw a deer. And then another.  And another.  By the time a couple of dogs came along and sent the deer running for cover, we had seen five sweet, peaceful deer friends!


Once on the paved path, we encountered this fella…


All I can say is that we were immensely glad Dog (a friend of ours) wasn’t along.

For dinner, Danny took some leftover sweet potato burgers we had around and made himself a fancy pants double cheeseburger (the term cheeseburger being used in the most vegan way possible).


Sunday morning found us at the early service at church, followed by showing up at HuHot thirty minutes before they opened.  So we went to the ARC and hung out before becoming the very first customers at HuHot on that particular Sunday.


The food was delicious, but for some reason I spent the rest of the day in bed and on the cozy chair in the living room wondering if the chef had snuck some raw meat juices into my food.  Thankfully there was football on all day so Danny was not suffering due to my illness and lack of fun-ness.  We also capped the day off with some Coldstone.  Because they have sorbet and BOGO coupons for birthdays.

On Monday, Danny’s actual birthday, I took the morning off of volunteering at Compassion so I could make muffins and prepare The Birthday Cake.  This year’s request was our favorite banana cake


…but it’s really more impressive looking with the lights off.  And with the handsome birthday boy and his 24 candles…


What a wonderful weekend it was.  A great time to celebrate a very special guy and do some fun things together.  And also eat almost every single meal at a different restaurant.

(I would like to mention that everywhere we ate offered Danny a free meal, so that is how/why we did all that eating out.)


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