happy birthday danny!

Yesterday my favorite fella turned 24!  Which, as he pointed out before he left for work yesterday, means that he’s now two years older than me.  Not quite technically true, but it’s his birthday, so if he wants to say that, I’m all for it.


If you know Danny, you know he’s good-looking, funny, and into talking.  Among other things.


As his wife, however, I know a few more things than just those basics.  As I’ve been drafting this post (in my head and on paper) for the past couple days, I often think of him in relation to us (i.e. he eats the food I make that isn’t all that good, he makes the bed in the morning), but in the end, I’ve decided that this should be a celebration of him, not a listing of the things he does to make me happy.  I can talk about all that other stuff in a post about good things he does.  But this will be about who he is as a person.

Danny is Jesus-loving, people-loving, sports-loving, superhero loving, and fun-loving.


Danny is loyal and faithful.


Danny is kind and compassionate.


Danny is steady and dependable and peaceable.


Danny pursues what he wants and isn’t afraid to work hard for it.


Danny is humorous, imaginative, and an incredible sleeper too.


Danny is innovative and oh so clever.


Danny is intelligent and thoughtful.


Danny is an excellent speaker with an impressive vocabulary and mastery of spelling/grammar/acronyms/words/phrases.


Danny is handsome and stylish and just downright intuitive about those kinds of things.


Danny is wonderful and cute and just the best.  There.  Sappy at last.  But it’s true.


Happy Birthday, Danny.

Here’s to many more years of all that you are and all that you will become.

I love you.

*** Photos taken during our engagement shoot in October 2012 and courtesy of beautiful and talented Caroline Leigh Photography.

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