what i learned in september

It’s that time again.  The end of the month.  Time to gather up everything I’ve learned into one place.  In July, it wasn’t too hard.  In August, I started making a list before the month was half over.

Except this month I have a problem.

When I read this blog post from Emily P. Freeman yesterday, announcing that it was time to share what we learned in September, I thought, “Already?!”  And then, as I finished the post and started checking my email, “Did I learn anything this month?  This is going to be a stretch…”

That being said, I can make no guarantees about the quality or depthfulness of this post.  Because either I’m going to learn everything in the next three days before the month ends, or I should have just skipped September because I clearly got nothing out of it.

1. Dogtown.  Best movie/documentary/tv show (I’m not sure which it is) ever.  I cried during each and every episode/segment because oh my…the dogs are so cute, there are puppies involved, and unfortunately, Michael Vick (used to) hurt dogs.  I just did some research and found out that it was a TV show that aired on the National Geographic Channel and there are 28 episodes in all…and I have only seen 5 of them.  This is very good news, my friends, very good news.

2. My marriage isn’t going to get any better if I’m not willing to do anything about it.  Seems like something I should have known for ages, but somehow it just dawned on me this month.  I can’t say that I’ve changed my ways (yet), but I have seen the truth, and that is a good step.

3. I don’t need soy milk for my cereal.  And Danny doesn’t need rice milk.  Since we’ve been married, we’ve kept a half gallon of each type of milk in the fridge, but after running out of both and only having almond milk around (not sure how that happened, but it did), we both discovered that we like it.  That’s really good news for our grocery bill, as rice milk demands a pretty penny (or two or three).

4. Bowling is always fun.  I mean, just look at us.


5. Running away doesn’t solve much.  If fact, it often makes it worse.  Someday, when it’s not so fresh (and embarrassing), I’ll delve into this.

6.  Fall isn’t about pumpkins or pumpkin patches or pumpkin treats.  I know I talked about it at length earlier this week, but it’s worth noting that I have learned that fall is about the weather and having to wear jackets, not about decorating (or eating) pumpkins better than anyone else.

7. Kate Middleton uses reusable grocery bags when she goes to the grocery store.  If you didn’t think I was going to include something about Kate in this post, you must not know me that well.  When I saw the picture of her pushing her cart full of cloth sacks, I welled up with pride.  Because somehow I think I must have taught her to not use plastic?  I don’t know.

8. I can sleep through the night while sharing a (queen) bed (with my husband)!!!  Friends, this is a big deal.  It has taken 8+ months for me to get to this point, but now it has been happening on a semi-consistent basis.  This is good news because not only am I sleeping through the night, but also Danny can stop suggesting we get bunkbeds.  And yes, that is a legitimate and frequent suggestion of his.

9. Fruit flies can be banished.  At points during September, I thought we may need to start eating a diet of microwave meals (rather than anything fresh and fly-attracting), but then I remembered college and changed my mind.  Thankfully, this remedy came to the rescue.  We’re not 100% fruit-fly-free right now, but we’re pretty close.

10.  See-through refrigerators could be a really good idea.  Someone in our household really enjoys snacking, which is fine, but when the urge to snack causes the fridge to be opened (and nothing taken out of it) multiple times an hour, a solution needs to be found.  That’s when I came up with my idea for a fridge you can see through.  So you know whether or not there’s nothing yummy inside without wasting energy/electricity and infuriating your spouse.

11. Dreaming is (sometimes) just as fun.  Last month, I announced that we were going to go on a (very, very) belated honeymoon.  I did all sorts of reading and research and dreaming, but now I see that we don’t have that kind of time or money.  But you know what?  I had so much fun ‘planning’ and dreaming, that it’s okay.  After all that, it’s basically like we went on it and had a great time.

I wanted to learn 14 things this month (one more than last month!), but I just didn’t.  Or at least I can’t remember the last three things.  Here’s to learning more in October.  Or having a better memory.


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