can we talk about what fall is?

I have really been in a pickle lately (not literally, of course.  I hate pickles.  Only a figurative pickle.).

Because I have recently reignited my love for Pinterest, I have been led to believe that it is not fall until I make and eat something made of pumpkin (everyday) and decorate my house with garlands of leaves and dried apples.  I fell into the trap and even made a board of my own, entitled “the fall.”  And it has one pin on it.  But I digress.

So, on Saturday I bought a can of pumpkin at Whole Foods.  At $1.25 a can, I figured I could afford to bring fall on.  We were on our way to my cousin’s birthday party, and only needed a box of veggie burgers, but I knew what I had to do, and thus sought out the pumpkin.  I found it, bought it, and answered Danny’s questions about why I was bringing a can of pumpkin to a nine-year-old’s birthday party with, “Pinterest has been pressuring me.”

On Sunday, I made pumpkin doughnuts for breakfast and pumpkin chocolate chip bars for an afternoon snack while Danny watched his third football game of the day (just another thing I’ve been told that means fall is here.  My response: football does not signify anything good and fall is good so football had better not mean fall is here.  Does that make sense?).

All of last week, I did research on pumpkin patches and apple orchards in the Colorado Springs area.  I even tried to buy a LivingSocial deal for one, but unfortunately all of the adult passes were sold out.  D and I discussed the likelihood of us being allowed in on a child’s pass.  Hey, last Friday someone at our new small group told Danny he looked like he could be in 10th or 11th grade, and considering I passed for under 13 at the airport last summer, I didn’t think it was out of the question.  Once I figured out that the child’s pass was more expensive than those for adults, we gave up and resumed the hunt for a quality fall fortress/pumpkin patch.

After eating those pumpkin treats and chasing after elusive bastions of pumpkins, apples, and leaves, I realized something.

It still was not fall.

On Saturday we went for a lengthy (outdoor) swim.  On Sunday we still had to use our fan and open the windows at night in order to sleep comfortably.  For the entire month of September it  has rained and rained and rained (and rained and rained) basically every day and after stating that fact, it seems like a good time to remind y’all that we live in Colorado and not along the Gulf of Mexico.  We do not have hurricane season here, we have FALL.

Do you know what I figured out while driving around today with the windows open?

I will know it is fall when the weather is not pushing 80 everyday.  I will know it is fall when the cover is put on the pool (as sad as that will be).  And I will most certainly know it is fall when I can sleep through the night without drenching my clothes and sheets in sweat because it is HOT.

So there you have it.  To all of those Pinterest boards entitled “FALLING IN LOVE WITH FALL” and “PUMPKINS, PUMPKINS, PUMPKINS” I say this: You are nice.  But you are lying.  Fall is about the weather and not pumpkins (or apples or garlands or leaves or anything I have to buy or make or create).

One last thing.  Those are real Pinterest boards that I have encountered.  So if those boards are yours, thank you.  Sort of.  And start praying that the weather will change.


2 thoughts on “can we talk about what fall is?

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