alaska: day 9

Early on Sunday morning, the ninth day of our trip to Alaska, we left the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage and took a bus to the train station.  I think it’s fair to say that the train was one of the most anticipated parts of the trip (aside from the whole cruise thing).  We don’t really get to take trains all that often in our daily life (or really ever), so I think the pure novelty of it made it so exciting.

Sidenote: Any fears we might have had about missing Danny (who had left the night before) were put to rest by the addition of the new member of the family, Slushy.


The train was very nice – the glass top with beautiful views of the scenery around us, the dining room where we ate a delicious breakfast, and the tables in between seats that made it easy to play games and read the newspaper.







The train stopped in Talkeetna, and most people took a bus to the McKinley Princess Lodge, which was about an hour away.   Based on the rainy weather and limited indoor activities at the lodge, we decided to stay in Talkeetna for the afternoon.  Throughout our trip, we saw a fair amount of Alaskan towns (okay, maybe only like 7 or 8), but none were as cute as Talkeetna!  Nor did they have as many photo ops…





^^ My mom wearing Mysteridge’s sweatshirt.  Another Talkeetna highlight. ^^

We eventually made our way to the lodge and enjoyed a delicious dinner of pizza (personal pans!) at one of the restaurants on-site before finishing the evening out with some games.

Also, I’m not sure how it happened, but I got my very own room that night.  After struggling to sleep through the night since getting married (6ish months at that point), I was so pumped to have a king size bed all to myself.  I still remember that night fondly ;)


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