alaska: day 8

Our last morning waking up on the cruise ship…


…bittersweet to say the least.  Our ship pulled into Whittier late Friday/early Saturday morning.


We had breakfast with my parents + Mysteridge and said good-bye to our wonderful balcony before disembarking the ship and boarding a bus to Anchorage.


DSC07408En route to Anchorage, we stopped at an animal preserve.  It was nice, but not awesome.  However, I’m a sucker for low clouds as well as for animals, so I loved it anyways.    






Unfortunately, Danny didn’t get to join us on the bus (or at the animal preserve).  Since he had to head home that night, he had to take a different bus to Anchorage and wait at a Princess holding area.  We found him upon arriving in Anchorage, and were thankful he got to spend the afternoon and evening with us before his late night flight home.

Next up was one of my mom’s best ideas of the whole trip: biking riding.  Seriously, it was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  So beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing.  Plus the bike rental (PABLO!) was out of a shipping container across the street from our hotel, so that was super cool.


^^ For those with keen eyes, you may notice that D is wearing a fanny pack.  Alaska trip staple. ^^



^^ Just some cabbage and flowers in a city park. ^^



And then we ran into my aunt, uncle, and cousins.  Look what they spotted!



And also, look at how close my uncle got!  I tried to get closer, but my dad kept saying things about safety and wild animals and danger.  I don’t know.  Not petting that moose = biggest regret of the trip.



^^ My dad, Danny, and I are so hardcore that we rode all the way to the airport.  I don’t have great photography skills/we were still kind of faraway, but in this above photo, they’re watching a FedEx plane taxi on the runway before taking off. ^^




After our afternoon of riding, we gave the bikes back to Pablo and walked to a Chinese restaurant, which was also within walking distance to our hotel.  So thankful we made it in right before they closed, because it was legit (and delicious)!


We spent the rest of the evening wandering around downtown Anchorage, trying to find the perfect souvenir.  We settled on two pieces of art from a lovely gallery – one with a moose family, and another with a breeching whale.  We haven’t hung them up yet, but that’s partly due to the fact that I broke the glass in our remaining frames, and also because we are moving in six weeks.  Nevertheless, we love them, and think they’re perfect reminders of the best week of our lives (thus far).


I said good-bye to Danny (sweet man had to go back to work while the rest of us partied on in Alaska for another four days) and enjoyed a restful night on the best rollaway bed ever (thanks, Hotel Captain Cook!).

Next up…the journey continues…this time by train!

See more of our trip here (day 1 – Vancouver + embarkation), here (day 2 – at sea), here (day 3 – Ketchikan), here (day 4 – Juneau), here (day 5 – Skagway), here (day 6 – at sea), and here (day 7 – at sea).


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