alaska: day 7

Our last day on the ship.  Bittersweet for sure.

We started our day off with a culinary demonstration by the head chef and a tour of the ship’s galley.  This was one of my favorite parts of the whole cruise.  The demo was hilarious, and seeing the galley was very interesting.  Not to mention the crazy facts we learned.  For example, 1,200 pounds of flour is used every day by the ten bakers on board, used for making everything from pizza to croissants.  6,000 pounds of fresh fruit is prepared and eaten every day.  Oh, and to cap it all off, 70,000 dishes and 24,000 glasses are washed everyday by the 57 hardworking individuals in the galley.


After the galley tour, we went to a presentation on bears by the onboard naturalist.  I remember it being fascinating, however, please do not ask me to difference between black bears and brown bears (and no, it’s not their color).


^^ Final lunch at the buffet ^^

After lunch, we took ballroom dancing lessons, which went better than the class that followed it: hip hop.  I know.  I am so thankful no one was capturing it on video.  I am still embarrassed.

Afterwards, we attended a presentation called “Handle Bars & Peddles,” which was an opportunity to hear from the Bridge & Engine team about the workings of the bridge and engine room…also known as a really good opportunity for a brief afternoon nap.  Oops.

Danny and I met my mom and grandma for afternoon tea after escaping the navigation presentation.  Last chance for scones and cream…be still oh my heart!


We had an early dinner which included time with Paul’s cootie catcher and baked Alaska.  Oh, and lots of mussels for the males.




Since it was our last night all together (Danny had to fly home the next day), we took some group pictures in the atrium…







Later on, Danny competed in the final round of Princess Popstar.  The competition was intense, and D sang his heart out.  The crowd voted, and Robert pulled out an upset!


As usual, our balcony was a prime spot for enjoying the beautiful creation we cruised through all day long.  Once again, so thankful for that.






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