on preparing for a job interview

This morning I have a job interview.  

Also known as I am spending the four hours beforehand preparing like crazy.  

Each interview I have, I prepare a bit differently.  Today’s preparations are consisting primarily of scrubbing temporary tattoos off of my calf, wrist, and upper arms.  

In case you’re wondering what led me to ‘get inked,’ let me explain in just 2 words: company picnic.  

Over the weekend, we went to Danny’s company picnic at the Sky Sox stadium.  Yeah, they rented out the stadium for us (and all of the other associates and their 9,492 kiddos) and capped the evening off with a private fireworks show.  More importantly, there was a station for temporary tattoos.  Buckets of water with sponges and hundreds of tattoo options covering a table and surrounding floor.

(The floor is significant because that is where I found the Native American chief outfitted in a regal headdress.)  

Danny, his BFF from work, and Kirsty, his South African girlfriend (she’s not Danny’s girlfriend, just to clarify), and I found the tattoo table abandoned and proceeded to spend the next hour decorating ourselves.  

The first thing I saw was the puppy tattoos, so I picked my two favorites and put one on each arm, right where my sleeves met my skin.  Prime real estate is what that is.  

I also found a tattoo that said “BEST FRIENDS!” amid flowers and other girly things.  I applied it to my left inner wrist, and at my request, Danny did the same on his left inner wrist.  To give credit where credit is due, Kirsty made David do the same thing with a lovebird tattoo that said “KISS,” and that is where I got the idea.  I was desperate to do the same, because after all, what would that be saying about our marriage if a couple that had been dating for two months had matching tattoos and we didn’t?

The very best part was the all of the animal tattoos.  I really like animals.  Anyways, I found a flamingo, some jaguars, a frog, and too many kittens for my liking, and put them in a vertical line up my right calf.  Seven.  Seven temporary tattoos on my leg.

I think we can all agree that T.Rowe has set the standard for company picnics.

On that note, I’m going to keep scrubbing at those tattoos so I can set the standard for the most irritated skin ever at a job interview.


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