what i learned in august

Can you believe it?  August has just WHIZZED by.  And my oh my have I learned things this month!  Some are legitimately significant, and some, not so much.  But that’s okay with me.  Learning is learning.  Without further ado, I present, 13 things I learned this month (one more than last month – yipee!).

1.  My library card number.  Yes, I have memorized my library card number.  For most people, this is not something they would aspire to do, but for me, it makes a lot of sense.  I request books/movies/CDs/magazines almost every day, and knowing this arrangement of 9 numbers keeps me from having to get my wallet whenever I hear of a book I just have to get my hands on.

2. Speaking of books, I felt like I came to understand myself and my relationship with books better because of this article.

3.  Swimming, oh how I love you.  I finally got a new swimsuit, since the top of my old one was so stretched out that you couldn’t tell I had bottoms on (a.k.a. a major problem), and since it’s been so hot lately, I have been savoring having a pool just steps away from our apartment.  I’ve been swimming laps by myself during the day, but its most fun after Danny gets off of work and we can dive for rings or toss a ball around together.

4. I am not as tech-savvy as I once thought.  I tried to move my blog onto a new, self-hosted site this past month but am finally giving up and getting a refund and sticking with what I have here because it works for now.

5. Real relationships require honesty and openness.  I’ve had some incredibly raw conversations with people in the past month, and while they’ve been hard to start (and sometimes finish), they are good.  They’ve been with people I love and value deeply, and while going to the nitty-gritty and the not-so-pretty is not typically my thing, I’m learning.

6. When my husband is asked to do something he does it well – very well.  This past month, he officiated his brother’s wedding, and he blew everyone’s expectations out of the water (including my own).  His homily was excellent and well-written, and his words were truthful and from the heart.  I am SO proud of him.

7. While we’re on the topic of marriage and my husband, I learned that we need to go on a (very belated) honeymoon.  While at the aforementioned wedding last weekend, I had a chance to chat with our friend Nick and his fiance, Jessie.  It was the first time I’d actually had a conversation with her (Jessie), and while we talked, I mentioned that we didn’t get to go on a honeymoon, and I was (and still am) really sad about it.  She said that we need to save up and make it happen, even though we’ve been married for (a few days shy of) eight months, because otherwise I’ll be sad and bitter about it for the rest of my life.  I’ve been thinking about her words ever since and just can’t get them out of my mind.  I’ve decided that I think she’s right, and now we’re in the process of planning a trip to coincide with our first anniversary (01.03.14).

8. I do not recommend radish juice.  I got a juicer last week and thought putting a radish in it was a good idea.  More on this in a forthcoming post, but until then, don’t do it, I beg you.

9. Some children wear watermelons in China.  That’s right, they WEAR them, like as clothing.  Take a look here, and special thanks to my Aunt Becky for sending the article to me.

10. Hillsong United’s new album is awesome.  I checked it out from the library, and for the week that it was mine to listen to, it was on non-stop in the car.  I couldn’t get enough, and I highly recommend Oceans, Stay and Wait, and A Million Suns.

11.  Danny isn’t the only vegan I know (besides myself).  I found out that my friend, Aly, from college, is vegan!  She’s moving to Greeley in a few weeks, and I’m so excited to talk/eat all things vegan with her!!

12. Documentaries are my favorite kind of movie.  The library is a treasure trove of documentaries on any and every subject, and I have been going crazy lately!  Inside the State Department, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and my favorite so far, The President’s Photographer.

13. Danny and I have allergies.  I have suffered from them in the past, but the past couple of weeks have been awful.  We’ve been sneezing, sniffing, and itching (our eyes, that is).  Know any remedies that don’t involve medication?  I’d love to hear about them!

Want to hear what I learned in July?  Check it out here.

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