alaska: day 6

Thursday morning, we woke up in Glacier Bay.


The clouds, the mist, the ice floating in the water.  It was magical.  Oh, and did I mention how grateful I was that I packed my winter coat?!


By mid-morning, we approached Margerie Glacier.


The glacier is a mile wide, and about 250 feet high (above the waterline).  It’s one of Alaska’s most photographed features, and is quite a sight to behold.


Did you know that 250 years ago, Glacier Bay was all glacier and no bay?  Now much of the bay, carved out by a glacier and filled in with saltwater as the glacier retreated, is over 1,000 feet deep.


As our side of the ship ‘parked’ in front of the glacier, we crowded onto our balcony, along with everyone else with rooms around us.  Just another one of those moments we were oh so grateful for our balcony.  Or at least I was.  Danny and Mysteridge were swimming and soaking in the hot tub up on the top deck.  I was in my warmest clothes and they were shirtless.  Another thing to add to the list of things I will never understand.


In the afternoon, we participated in carpet bowling.  Mysteridge, on a team with Lucy (one of the cruise directors), captured the gold!


^^ Danny has a medal because Lucy gave Mysteridge hers, and Mysteridge in turn gave it to Danny. ^^

We came across clearer weather as we continued sailing in the afternoon and evening.


Thursday evening brought our final formal night, and a chance to celebrate my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary (and the reason for our cruise)!


^^ Notice Lucy’s medal in D’s pocket?  Classy. ^^


^^ My dad with our two favorite servers.  They are saints for putting up with the 16 of us on four separate occasions. ^^


^^ All the grandkids celebrating half a century of marriage with a delicious cake, made by my cousin, Michaela, in the ship’s galley ^^

After dinner, we played movie poster trivia (epic fail) and Danny competed in Princess Popstar.  Good news!  He did very well and the audience voted him onto the final level of competition, which took place the next day.  After the competition, this precious old man asked to play his harmonica for the audience…


^^ Best. Ever. ^^

That about wraps up another stellar day on the Diamond Princess.  Stay tuned for our last day onboard, plus a week of travelling inland!

Read more about our Alaska adventures here (day 1 – arrival and embarkation), here (day 2 – at sea), here (day 3 – Skagway), here (day 4 – Juneau), and here (day 5 – Ketchikan).

P.S. In case you’re wondering, nothing has changed with my computer, except that some kind friends have offered to take a second look at it.  So I’ll keep you posted on that front.  Danny’s computer is up and running after almost a year of no power (crazy what a new battery and power cord will do), so I’m using it, along with the pictures that are still on my camera.  Wahoo!


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