what i learned in july

One of my favorite bloggers ever, Emily P. Freeman, has a fun tradition of writing a post at the end of each month where she shares  a few things she’s learned, and I really like it.  All the little tidbits are so very random, which makes me love it even more.  I figured this month, since I’m struggling with not having a computer and photos and all that good stuff, I’d join in.

So.  Here are 12 things I learned in July, in no particular order…

1.  Royal.  Baby.  As if I didn’t already love Kate Middleton a whole bunch.  I especially love this perspective.  And the beautiful blue dress she wore the day they left the hospital.  And I would also like to note that I am now reconsidering the name “George” as a baby (or maybe a dog) name.

2.   July in Colorado doesn’t have to be miserably hot.  In fact, the past week has been refreshingly cool with almost daily thunderstorms (what?!).

3.  Computer repairs are expensive.  And sometimes just not worth it.  So instead you have to save up and wait to buy a new one.

4.  Gold panning is hard work.  While in Alaska, we took a tour of a gold dredge and got to try our hand at panning for gold.  I failed miserably and had to ask the legit panners (aka college students from the lower 48 looking for a cool summer job) to finish up the task for me.

DSC07628^^ This photo was obviously taken early on in the process when it was still fun and not 5,000 times harder than it looks. ^^

5.  Homemade ice cream.  I don’t think I’d ever had it before, straight out of the ice cream maker, but this month D and I put our new favorite wedding gift to good use, and churned up three different batches (oatmeal chocolate chip, cookie monster, and cinnamon graham).  Vegan a la Mode, we love you and are very sad we have to return you to the library tomorrow.

6.  Using the business center at our apartment complex isn’t so bad.

7.  Danny gets motion sick very easily.  See my post on The North Pole for more information.

8.  Some of the most fun is in our own backyard (or across the street, to be more specific).  D and I toured the Air Force Academy together for the first time and had a bunch of fun, until they started making lightning announcements every five minutes over the PA system, requesting that we seek cover ASAP.  A short lived visit, but still fun.

DSC077129. I love love love reading.  This month I’ve read 10 or so books and it has been the best.  Carving out time to read is so worth it.

10.  Overnight flights are rarely a good idea if you want to get real sleep (or any at all, for that matter).  I was seated next to a young boy and his father who kept their iPads on the whole time.  Very bright screens within a foot of you in an otherwise dark ‘room’ = bad news for sleep lovers.


12.  Small groups can be really good.  I was a bit scared of joining a new one with people I didn’t know, but we’ve met together for the past four weeks, and it’s been the best.


3 thoughts on “what i learned in july

  1. You’re, like, Bo on the Go! (Me, too!) #12) Yes. We just vacationed with ours. They’ve become family. Thankful. Pleased to make your acquaintance via Emily’s.

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