the north pole

Yesterday, with thanks to a buy-one-get-one free admission coupon from my mom, Danny and I went to Santa’s Workshop, also known as the North Pole.  Located just a couple of minutes outside of Colorado Springs, I visited the North Pole a couple of times with my family in my younger days, but this was my first time with D.  I had been super pumped about going ever since my mom offered me a BOGO coupon, and our visit sure was eventful!  It rained/drizzled off and on the whole time, Danny developed motion sickness that was activated by almost all of the rides, and we got to meet Santa!  But enough words.  Enjoy these pictures to get a real feel for it…


^^ Our first ride, the Tilt-a-whirl.  AKA the moment Danny discovered he doesn’t like spinning rides. ^^


^^ Santa’s Sleigh.  Or at least I think that’s what it is. ^^


^^ Danny’s favorite ride.  Also the one of the few that agreed with his stomach. ^^


^^ The North Pole.  Yes, it is actually made of ice. ^^


^^ Bet you didn’t know that mushrooms grow prolifically at the North Pole. ^^


^^ The Jolly Old Man himself.  I asked him for a puppy, and he told me that he didn’t see why I shouldn’t have one.  Afterwards, Danny discussed whether or not he would put a big red bow around said puppy’s neck and how he would hide it from me until Christmas morning.  Way to ruin Santa for me. ^^


^^ The tallest ferris wheel in the world, because it’s at an elevation of 7,500 feet, or something like that.  Also undoubtedly the fastest ferris wheel we’ve ever been on. ^^


^^ Loved. This. Ride. ^^

 (I want to note that the above contraption gets very far off the ground, but you cannot get close enough for a good picture while riders are in the air, so we settled for this.)


^^ We assumed that the magic show would be kind of lame, but we were very wrong.  It was actually really awesome and definitely worth seeing.  ^^


^^ Enjoying the tramway during a few moments of sun.  Beautiful location for Santa’s workshop, wouldn’t you say? ^^


^^ Danny’s sickness allowed me to spend a good deal of time in front of the crazy mirrors, which were conveniently hung on the outside of every restroom! ^^

^^ Finishing the day off on the carousel.  ^^

All in all, it was quite the splendid day.  Believe it or not, we spent four hours at the North Pole, which is especially impressive since a good portion of the rides are catered to the younger (like under 7 years of age) crowd, and we had a great time.   The rain kept the crowds away, and Danny’s upset tummy and (and only a little bit of) accompanying drama made the day entertaining (well, for me at least).  Thanks, Santa, for letting us come check out your workshop and have some fun!

Unrelated News: My computer is officially dead.  This is really sad since I hadn’t backed up important things like our pictures from China or my resume, among other things.   Please pardon my lack of blogging and news and such. since this news means that I will be using our apartment’s business center as my one and only access point to the outside world (i.e. internet) for the foreseeable future.

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