on why i’m not writing about alaska

Hey friends!

Bad news: today I dropped my computer off in a shop that smelled of smoke.  Also known as, my computer needs to be resurrected.  For the past three days, it had limited its activities to running error scans and shutting down unexpectedly in the middle of said scans, which was really annoying and just down right terrible.  Thank goodness I didn’t have all of my Alaska pictures on there…just joking, because they are all on there, and the man in the smoky shop today said not to expect anything good.  Well then.

In other news, we have had some splendid guests lately.  Two of my nearest and dearest, Sarah and Amanda, came to see us for what I thought was a Sunday afternoon, but apparently my communication skills are lacking, because they thought theywere coming for a sleepover!  Talk about a great surprise!  We chatted, played games, talked, went for a walk, caught up on life, and ate food (and by food I mostly mean Puppy Chow and homemade ice cream).  Lots of talking is always required when there are three females involved.





A few days later, one of our good friends and mentors from Christian Challenge at UNC, Ian, came to stay with us for a couple of nights.  He and his pretty wife, Haley, live in Bangladesh these days, so we really enjoyed the time we had together.




And yes, the matching outfits was intentional.

And this past Thursday, my sweet friend Ines, all the way from France (as in, France is her homeland), came to spend some time with us!  It was such a sweet surprise, and we had a wonderful time together.  She is truly one of the most genuine, caring people I have ever met, and she is an excellent listener and question asker as well (all things I really, really value in friends).  I feel so blessed to have gotten to spend so much time with her and to host her at our home.  We spent Friday morning at the zoo (my 7th trip in 2 months…thanks a bunch, Keith and Susie, for the gift that keeps on giving!!) and had a ball seeing the animals and enjoying the beauty of Colorado Springs.  Ines, you are a real gem and such a treasured friend of mine.  Here’s to seeing you in France the next time we’re together!



In other news, Danny got his first ‘bro tank’ this past week.  Kohl’s kindly sent us $10 to use at their store, so we went there in search of some kind of treasure.  Considering we only paid $3 for the shirt, and he’s already worn it 3 times, it was a good purchase I would say.  However, now I am in a bind, because my husband now owns (and regularly wears) a bro tank.


We also said good-bye to the Mormon missionaries we’ve been meeting with for the past six weeks, which was sad.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time with them, getting to know them and meeting with them on a weekly basis.


The zoo had a night just for members this past week, and we were so there.  I wish they had members nights every week, because going to the zoo in the evening is a much better choice than during the day when it is pushing 90 degrees (kind of like yesterday when Ines and I were there).  We ran into our new friends Justin, Kira, and Abigail and spent the evening admiring the animals with them.



Well, that’s about all I’ve got for now…also known as “I-have-reached-my-daily-tolerance-level-with-the-computers-at-our-apartment’s-business-center.”

Wish my computer luck in the smoky repair shop.


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