alaska: day 5

The third port our cruise ship visited was Skagway.  I loved this cute little Alaskan town with its old storefronts and colorful history.  A crazy fact about Skagway: less than a thousand people call it home, yet over a million people visit it each year.  That’s a lot of tourists for a tiny lil’ town!



We spent a good portion of our time walking to a cemetery and waterfall at the edge of town.  I must confess: I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the trek, as many of the waterfalls we hike to in Colorado are less than spectacular, but this one was actually really great and so worth the time it took to get there.




^^ Reid’s Falls ^^



^^ The gravesite of Soapy Smith, an infamous character in Skagway’s history ^^


On our way back, we were exhausted from all of our walking, but even that couldn’t stop Danny and my mom from checking out this box full of free items along the side of the road we came across…


One thing that we all noticed right away after coming into Skagway was all the graffiti on the rock alongside our dock.  We couldn’t figure out why it was okay to deface the area in such a way, so I did some research once we got home.  Apparently, it is a tradition that dates back to the early 1900’s when railroad employees would recognize locomotive engineers by painting their names on the side of the rocky cliff.  Nowadays, though, the graffiti names and honors the captains of ships that have sailed into Skagway, especially on their maiden voyage to the port.



And just for perspective, here’s a shot of me in front of (a small portion of) the ship:


Once back onboard, we went to afternoon tea (offered every afternoon at 3:30pm on Princess ships!) and watched the ship sail out of Skagway.  As you might have guessed, many of the details of how we spent our time have unfortunately faded, especially for those things that we didn’t take pictures of.  However, I can tell you that we spent a lot of time eating, hanging out on our balcony, and participating in activities like trivia and dancing.

Highlights of the day: walking through town to get to the cemetery and waterfall, the rushing waters of Reid’s Falls, wandering through downtown Skagway, and scones with plenty of jam and cream on top at afternoon tea.

Read more about our trip here (day 1), here (day 2), here (day 3), and here (day 4).

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