alaska: day 3

This was the day we got off the ship for the first time since boarding.  Woot woot!  We arrived in Ketchikan, Alaska around 6:30am (which I know because I was on my balcony to witness it…so thankful).



Beautiful, right?  Ketchikan is a quaint little town that touts itself as the Salmon Capital of the World.  And when I say “little town,” I mean roughly 8,050 people (according to Wikipedia’s 2010 count), however, I suppose this is not really small by Alaskan standards since Ketchikan is the 5th most populous ‘city’ in the state.  Regardless, it has buildings on stilts and jellyfish swimming in the water and I found it quite charming.



We took a city bus to Totem Bight State Park, which is known for its totem poles.  Fourteen of them, in fact, and a 19th century clan house as well.  The park is located along the water, and I think we enjoyed walking on the rocks near the tide pools just as much as looking at the totem poles.









Yes, I did pose like a totem pole (tall and straight, that is.  I got the idea from other tourists).

We headed back into town to stroll along Creek Street, where we encountered a bald eagle (with a handler), a seal swimming through the creek, and lots of jellyfish floating along.  Oh, and a bear too.





Yes, we are tourists.

Our ship left Ketchikan around 3pm, and we spent the rest of the afternoon swimming, playing shuffleboard, spotting whales and porpoises, walking around the deck, and taking in the beauty of the area we sailed through.



We ate a lot for dinner, or at least some of us did.


Others of us (accidentally) matched.


And still others ate their weight (or more) in dessert.


^^ Apple and walnut spring rolls with raspberry-pepper dipping sauce.  This was my third plate of those bad boys. ^^

Meanwhile, a storm began raging, and quickly intensified, outside.



Highlights of the day: watching a whale breach (sort of like a back flip for marine animals), seeing porpoises swim alongside the ship, swimming in the (outdoor) pool, wandering around Totem Bight State Park, walking through Ketchikan, seeing jellyfish in the wild for the first time, and the crazy storm (I love gloomy, rainy weather).

Read more about our trip here (day 1) and here (day 2)


7 thoughts on “alaska: day 3

  1. When were you guys here? This is practically where I live now! I am actually in Ketchikan now! I am staying at a hotel right on creek street! The mountains to the south is the island I live on, If you guys are still on the cruise and are stopping in Haines let me know I may be able to see you guys! That would be great!

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