alaska: day 2

On our first full day on the cruise ship, I woke up early, around 4:30am.  I opened the curtains, and, oh my.  The beauty.




I stood outside for over an hour in the chilly morning air with just my pajamas to keep me warm, the wooded islands and the clouds captivating me.  I even saw a whale.  So thankful for that balcony.

Danny, Mysteridge, and I took full advantage of all the activities the ship offered onboard.  We took dance lessons (both ballroom and line), we went to trivia, we watched a singing competition, and we danced the night away at the nightclub.  We also went swimming and went to formal night with my family.  I met (most of) the females in our group for an elegant afternoon tea.  And that was just Sunday.







Highlights of the day: Mysteridge getting volunteered to demonstrate some line dancing moves with the instructor, swimming in Alaska (!!!), afternoon tea with the ladies, dinner with my Aunt Deanna (who happens to be hilarious),  dancing at the club, and my early morning time on the balcony.  Oh, and spotting someone sleeping on the deck with a Kindle over their face.  That was pretty cool too.

Read about day 1 of our trip here.


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