alaska: day 1

Three weeks ago, very early in the morning, we embarked on our journey to Alaska.


DSC06821^^ Spectacular views on the flight to Vancouver ^^

Upon arrival, we took a short bus tour of Vancouver, spent a couple of hours in the cruise terminal, and finally boarded our ship, the Diamond Princess.  Danny and I went straight to our stateroom…


…which had a balcony.  Oh yes.  So blessed.

Oh and we also promptly opened the room service menu and placed an order.


Pulling out of Vancouver and onward towards Alaska was breathtaking.  Truly.  The water, the tall apartment buildings that reminded us of China, the towering mountains, the greenery.  D and I dream of going back sometime soon to explore the city and see my aunt, uncle, and cousins that live there.



The day was low key, but a great way to start the cruise.


Highlights of the day: a chaotic but humorous safety drill, dinner with the family, exploring the ship, and taking in the scenery around us.

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