balboa park

While D and I were in San Diego visiting his parents last month, we had the opportunity to have some girl and guy time.  On Father’s Day, Danny and Keith went to see “Man of Steel” while Susie and I went to Balboa Park.  Now, I have been to San Diego many times, probably more than the average Coloradoan.  However, I had never been to Balboa Park, and was super excited when Susie suggested that we spend the afternoon there together.  We began by walking through the international cottages and getting a taste of countries all over the world.  We moved on through the park, wandering through gardens and archways and beautiful buildings.  I loved taking in all of the different people, exotic smells, and incredible creation (both of the man-made and God-made kind).  It was truly a highlight of our trip for me, and I’m so thankful for the time that Susie and I got to spend together chatting and laughing and having fun.  Maybe someday we’ll get to go back and take Danny and Keith with us too…






Read more about our trip to San Diego here, here, and here.


3 thoughts on “balboa park

  1. Beautiful photos – I love Balboa Park! I used to live in San Diego, but my husband and I now live in Orange County. We visit SD a lot, however; since my sister lives there. Celeste :)

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