san diego zoo

One of the highlights of our trip to San Diego last month was visiting the San Diego Zoo.  Keith and Susie, Danny’s parents, have a membership to the zoo, and we felt especially blessed to get to go with them while we were in town.

DSC06646The San Diego Zoo is most famous, at least in my mind, for the pandas.  They’ve been my favorite animal for as long as I can remember, and I always felt that I was kind of unique for loving pandas.  However, based on the line we had to wait in to catch a glimpse of them, it seems like I am not alone.  Thanks to Danny, Keith, and Susie for waiting in the looooong line with me so that I could enjoy some time with the panders.


^^ Xiao Liwu, the zoo’s newest cub, who was about 10 months old when we saw him, hanging upside down. ^^


^^ Bai Yun, the mother of six panda cubs at the San Diego Zoo, and myself.  She’s the first panda I saw when my family went to San Diego in 2001 to help me fulfill my dreams of seeing a panda in person.  Little did I know that 10 years later I would go to China and see pandas in their homeland! ^^


^^ Bai Yun, chomping away on a favorite food of pandas worldwide, bamboo. ^^

Despite my intense love for pandas, it turns out the zoo has a lot to offer beyond just pandas.  Most notably (or at least most photographed by us) are its statues, perfect for photographic opportunities.





The San Diego Zoo is massive and very well taken care of.  We struggled to see everything in the time that we were there (roughly five hours) because there is just so much!  In order to get everything in before closing, we took the Skyfari (like a gondola) back to the entrance – a welcome break for our weary feet and an excellent view of the area.


Phew!  What  day it was!  So thankful for the beautiful weather and the opportunity to enjoy God’s creation with Keith and Susie.



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