speak good

Throughout June, I found myself telling people, “July is going to be so hard.”  For many reasons, I felt that July was going to be full of sadness, disappointment, and feelings of loneliness.


In a sense, I spoke negativity and hardship over an entire month that had yet to be started.  I said bad things about something I knew nothing about.


This past weekend, I was struck with what I had done.  I change my thinking.  I decided to ‘speak good’ over the month of July, or least what was left of it, because who was I to say that the days to come hold sadness and nothing good?


The Lord has chosen and planned each day I will spend on earth.  He has promised good to me.  I am convinced that July holds beautiful days full of divine moments.


So far, I haven’t been disappointed.  Yes, there has already been days of tears and confusion and questioning, but the joy has come forth and it will not cease.  This month will be blessed.


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