denver museum of nature and science

I grew up going to the Museum of Nature and Science in Denver, and have many fond memories of visiting with my family and grandparents.  Therefore, when I found a Living Social deal for the museum, I couldn’t pass it up.  Danny had never been, and I so enjoy taking D to places that I love.  We took advantage of Danny having a random Wednesday off and made the journey up to Denver.  Our tickets included an IMAX show of our choosing, as well as a visit to the planetarium.  We took a break in the middle of the day to eat our picnic lunch in the car, and brought some fruit and cookies in with us to eat during the IMAX.

Some of our highlights included the dinosaurs, the gems and minerals display, and the wildlife exhibits, which were our very favorite.

We saw “Deep Sea 3D” on the IMAX, and would definitely recommend it, although unfortunately I snoozed through a good portion of it.  “Wildest Weather in the Solar System” was our pick for the planetarium, and we would not recommend going to see it.  It was animated and largely hypothetical.  I left wishing I had taken my nap during the planetarium show instead of the IMAX.







DSC06513We had a wonderful day learning and exploring together and are so thankful to be able to take advantage of fun opportunities to get out of town and do something new together.  And for those of you wondering, we highly recommend the museum – there’s so much to do and see, and I believe all ages, from young children to people to like us to middle age adult to grandparents, would love it.  We got there early and stayed till it closed!


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