lately – alaska style

I know, I know.  It’s been forever since I’ve written.  But I’ve been in Alaska, where internet is expensive (we’re talking like $10 for 15 minutes) and my family is near, which happens pretty infrequently.  That being said, I feel I have a (very) good excuse for being scarce lately.  So far I have taken 800+ photos of our trip.  For real.  So get ready for lots of beauty and mountains and funny faces.  But until then, a few tidbits (and yes, I am still in Alaska, because finally we’re in a hotel with free wi-fi)…

  • If you have ever heard that it barely gets dark in Alaska in the summer, let me tell you from personal experience that it is true. I was kind of skeptical about it, as on the cruise ship it definitely got dark, but now that we’re farther north and in the interior of Alaska, I see what all the hoopla is about.  Even though I’ve been incredibly tired, I forget to go to bed because when the sun is still shining as bright as ever, it seems wrong to put on your pj’s and go to sleep.
  • Danny and I are celebrating six months of marriage today!  Woot woot!  He stayed home sick from work today back in Colorado Springs, and I’m in Fairbanks, Alaska, but that’s okay because I’m going home on Friday and besides, we spent all of last week cruising Alaska together in our BALCONY stateroom.

DSC07299^^ One of the formal nights on the cruise last week.  Take a look at that medal D’s sporting!  ^^

  • Today I (along with my family) went gold panning.  Mysteridge and I harvested enough ($9 worth) to qualify as the lowest on our tour bus and thus earned a shot glass for “giving it (gold panning, that is) a good shot.”
  • Speaking of balconies, if you are considering a cruise, get a balcony.  So worth the extra dollars (although we didn’t actually pay for this one, but compared to my parents’ inside room, I’d give most anything for our balcony room).

DSC07238^^ Margerie Glacier from our balcony. ^^

  • Mysteridge let me have the bed in our hotel room last night and also tonight which means he’s been relegated to the trashy rollaway they have here.  If I haven’t said it before, Mysteridge is a champion.
  • I have now officially been to Canada.  Our cruise left from Vancouver which meant that we had to go there to get on the ship.  Danny and I decided we’d love to go back soon because my aunt, uncle, and cousins live there, and the city seems beautiful too.  Also they have a seriously legitimate Chinatown.  And I have heard that the food is actually quite like what you would find in China.  Which makes me want to go there right this very minute because I am a sucker for legitimate Chinese food.

DSC06826^^ The three stooges in Vancouver Bay ^^

  • Danny has decided to get a job on a cruise ship.  I don’t even know what this would look like, but it could be really fun/terrible. I guess I’ll keep you posted on that.
  • Animals, animals, animals.  We had so many encounters, I felt like I was in paradise.  I feel it is only right to write an entire post on all of the animals we experienced.  I will do that sometime within the next couple of months, if someone reminds me.

DSC07441^^ We rented bikes in Anchorage and ran into (not literally, unfortunately) this big fella.  ^^

  • We are flying home tomorrow night at midnight and I am not so pumped.  Now that it’s July, I need to start a real life job search and start working.  And after about three weeks off from my regular routine, I need to start cooking again.  Especially after all the garbage I’ve eaten the past two weeks.  {I should clarify that by using the word “garbage” I mean that much of the food I’ve eaten has not been healthy, by any stretch of the imagination, although it has tasted very, very good.  Which is why I said garbage.}
  • Buildings on stilts are super cool.  I just couldn’t get enough of them while we were in Ketchikan.

DSC06970^^ There were so many jellyfish in these waters.  It was the only place in Alaska we saw them, and they were amazing.  ^^

  • Unless I felt I could subsist on a diet of melons, pineapple, and dried out cucumbers, it is next to impossible to eat vegan on a cruise ship.  At least this was the case for the cruise we went on.
  • We totally went swimming outdoors in the middle of the ocean in Alaska.  Because of that fact, I had been feeling rather proud of myself.  That is, until Mysteridge and Danny went swimming while I was bundled up in my winter parka in Glacier Bay.

DSC06998^^ Danny and myself with my dad and my cousins Hannah and Michaela.  Plus the beautiful water and mountains behind us. ^^

  • One more thing: I am so grateful for this trip.  My grandparents took my mom’s side of the family (16 people in all) to celebrate their 50th anniversary and it has been the trip of  a lifetime.  So many incredible experiences that we would have never had without their generosity.


2 thoughts on “lately – alaska style

  1. WOW!! I’ve heard from many people that Alaska is beautiful, and your pictures certainly do that statement justice. Your photos are incredible!!
    What a fabulous vacation, and I can’t wait to see you so that you can tell me more stories from you adventure!!

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