where we’ve been

We walked along this beach, in wonder of the power and beauty of the ocean.


We passed through this grand beachfront hotel and pretended we belonged before burying our toes in the sand where we felt much more at home.


We admired this garden that the chefs from the aforementioned hotel utilize in their cooking and we dreamed of having a garden of our own someday.


We took in beauty that was waiting for us everywhere we went.


We breathed deeply and rested in where we were, knowing that we were exactly where we were supposed to be.


We praised the Lord for who He is and what He has given us and the blessings that He has lavished on our lives.


We marveled at the cleverness and creativity of our God as we admired His creation.


We spent an afternoon in front of these trees and under this blue sky, eating sandy PB & J’s and (accidentally) scorching our skin.


We swam in these waves, threw seaweed at each other, and allowed the salty water to crash over us.


We saw creatures large and small, from lizards to seals, going about their normal, everyday lives.


We loved on each other and savored time away from the daily grind to experience life anew.


We came home thankful for family and rest and life and beauty, not to mention the fact that our home is still standing.  We’re grateful for each other and Jesus and how He has created and shaped us.  

In other news, Danny watched “The Hobbit” by himself tonight and took care of Chris & Emily’s dog because I’m in Greeley for medical appointments today and tomorrow.  We’re in the process of unpacking our house after storing many of our most important belongings at my aunt and uncle’s while a wildfire blazed nearby.  We’re also packing up at the same time, because we leave for Alaska in just a few days.  These days have been tumultuous, but we’re holding tight to the promises our Father has for us and learning to be where we are.  This is where we are.


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