Just like last month at this time, I have a bunch of different posts I am working on, but also so many life updates/random news I want to share, so here we go.  The second in what may possibly be a monthly thing…what’s going on with us lately…

  • We had two individuals who work for the circus stay with us on Monday and Tuesday.  Their lives are so very fascinating, and our time with them was outrageous.  Tonight we’re planning on going to the circus (EEEEE!) to see them perform, so more on that later.  MUCH MORE on that later, believe me.
  • My passport came in the mail two days ago!  Which means I can go to Alaska (in two weeks)!  And yes, I know that Alaska is in the United States, thank you Chris, but the cruise line told me if I didn’t have a passport I couldn’t go.  So there.
  • Organic blueberries…we ate five pints of them in the past five days.
  • Next Wednesday there is a special night for MEMBERS ONLY at the zoo.  Obviously we will be there.  And I am excited because I am hoping that fewer children than usual will be there since it will be at night.  Not that I don’t like children, it’s just that sometimes there are a lot of them, and because they are smaller and cuter than me, they always get precedence at things like demos and encounters and they always get to be closest to the animals.
  • I got to see these lovely, lovely ladies last Saturday!  They came over for breakfast and we got to spend three hours together (a record)!!  We took some crazy photos together, and had so much fun.  I am so blessed to know them and love them and be a small part of their lives.


  • Danny has to work this Saturday, so they gave him yesterday off.  We took advantage of the rare weekday off and headed to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, thanks to a great deal from Living Social (which is available for 7 more days!).  We had the time of our lives.  Even though I slept through the IMAX.
  • I have been doing crafts lately.  I know, WHAT?!  This is a lie, you’re probably thinking.  Well, if painting frames counts as a craft, then yes, it is true.  I have painted 8 frames and 1 mirror lately, thanks to my wonderful friend Em.
  • I got a free subscription to Real Simple (my best magazine ever), starting this month, and I already feel like life is looking up.
  • Danny cleaned out the closet in our guest room last weekend, and I don’t even recognize it now.  Maybe that’s because I can see the floor and walls and ceiling and close the door without rigging up something fancy for the first time in ages.
  • We had dinner with Chris and Emily this week and, as always, it was delicious.  Emily is a master chef.  I can’t post photos of her (I have hunch that she is in the Witness Protection Program), but I can show you this image of their child…


  • We’re leaving for San Diego in ONE WEEK.  So excited.  We have been counting the days for a while (okay, since we bought our tickets), and absolutely cannot wait to spend time with Danny’s family (and if I’m really honest, see the pandas and the ocean too).  
  • Danny fell the down the stairs while carrying his lunch pail and gym bag and his finger is still injured (a week later).  This is definitely sad for him, but slightly comical for me.
  • Some naughty birds have built a nest right outside our door, which means that I cannot leave our house without a sun shade over my head and a great deal of fear and trembling.  Not a good situation, especially since the eggs haven’t even hatched yet.  It’s going to be a long summer.
  • We watch HGTV every morning at the gym.  This is not a new development, I just thought you should know.
  • I’ve been going to Chris & Emily’s a fair amount lately, to work on my crafts and soak in all the time I can get with these people.  And also Jeb.  They are heading out of town next week for an extended period of time, so in between our trips to San Diego and Alaska, we get to watch Jebby!  Every time I see him, we talk about how we are BFFs and he gives me a tongue bath.


  • I’ve been going to acupuncture twice a week lately, which obviously I think is a good idea, since I love Dr. Eva.  She’s been trying some new things lately, such as cupping and other things that I don’t know how to succinctly describe.  If you don’t know what cupping is, ask Jennifer Aniston.  She created quite a stir recently when she wore a dress that showed off marks from her recent cupping session.  My back usually looks like hers these days, except I don’t use cover up…I just have red-ish, purple-ish marks on my back for a week till it’s time for my next session.    
  • Danny’s Kindle Fire (which he uses primarily for Facebook usage) has stopped working.  On the upside (in my mind, at least), he’s picked up reading!
  • My new favorite blog is Big Mama.  Check it out, and read her hysterical book, too.
  • My dad ran over an armadillo two days ago.  Not okay.  And then Mysteridge sent me a photo of the poor thing.  Also not okay AT ALL.  Because it made me cry.  (If you want to see it, I will forward it to you via my phone, but I will not post it here because it so upsetting).
  • Yesterday I found out that Danny likes dinosaurs.  When I responded in shock, he told me that all boys like dinosaurs.  News to me.



  • One more thing.  We are going to Boise sometime in the late summer/early fall.  More on that later.

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