zoo + broadmoor + mini golf

I mentioned that our Memorial Day weekend was excellent, as evidenced by our time at the Manitou Cliff Dwellings and the Miramont Castle.  Well, that was just Saturday.  On Sunday, we went to church, had some leftovers for lunch, and headed to the zoo.  If you’ve been around this neck of the woods for a while, you know that I love the zoo, and that I am so grateful for the membership I was given for my birthday a couple of weeks ago from my in-laws.  Danny and I hadn’t been together since Christmas time, when we went with my family, and we had never been just the two of us.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and can’t wait to go back next week for a special member’s only night (I think this might be where you get to ride the giraffes).






As you can see, we had a good time.  We did see some real animals, and not just statues, even though our pictures are no indication.  Live animals just aren’t as good at posing for pictures, it seems.

After the zoo, we stopped by the Broadmoor, since we drive right by it on our way home (despite having significant trouble finding a place to park that wasn’t outrageous and/or illegal).  I had walked around the property with my family a while back,  but Danny had never been there.  It was even more beautiful than I remembered, and so peaceful.  We watched a good portion of a wedding taking place on the lawn, and meandered along the lake. We didn’t want to look too touristy, so we didn’t take any pictures until we were close-ish to our car.


I looked online at wedding rates and packages for the Broadmoor once we got home…and my oh my.  At the minimum six times more than what we paid for our wedding.  Pretty significant chunk of change.

On Monday, we enjoyed a lazy morning and some (vegan) banana doughnuts with peanut butter glaze (new recipe!) before we finally got with the program and left the house in the late afternoon to use one of our Groupons at Academy Miniature Golf.

We got to play both 18-hole courses with our Groupon, and really enjoyed our time.  It’s definitely not among the top mini golf courses I’ve played (and believe me, I have played a LOT of mini golf courses, probably at least 100), especially since it’s along Academy, which is a (very) main road in Colorado Springs.  It did, however, have a cave and a beautiful waterfall, and is relatively well taken care of.


After Danny beat me by over 21 strokes on the last course, we got out of that place and did something I feel a bit more confident in – reading.  We explored a new park nearby, Dublin Park, spread out our blanket, and read for while.  Well, I read for a while and Danny rode his ripstick all around…


…and then settled down to join me for a bit before we decided that while the park had a great view, it allowed for many gusts of wind and cold air, so we moved on to the grocery store (to clarify, not for reading, but for shopping).

Overall, we had a superb weekend.  We used up three online deals we had accumulated, so how could it not be a success?  Er, I mean, we enjoyed being together and doing new things and eating delicious doughnuts and sleeping a bit more than usual, so it was a success.


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