miramont castle

Our adventures continued after visiting the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, as we stopped at Memorial Park in Manitou Springs for a picnic.


The park is beautiful, with a nice playground (we know because we played on it) and many trees to provide shade.  On the other side of that fence is a creek/river (it’s kind of in the middle of those two) with a lovely walking path alongside it.  There’s also a neat war relic (Danny called it a tank, but I’m thinking perhaps it’s a cannon).


After refueling and playing for a bit, we headed on the Miramont Castle.  I purchased a Living Social deal for the castle back in January, and was waiting for a time that we were already going to be in Manitou to use it.


The castle was built in 1895 and has 40 rooms and over 14,000 square feet.  So it’s pretty old and pretty big.  The rooms are each unique, like a sixteen-sided room, and beautiful, and there’s so much to look at.


As a person who enjoys history, I loved the Miramont Castle.  I feel like Danny is okay with history, but he wouldn’t name it as one of his interests or loves, and yet I think he still enjoyed it.  Another interesting part was the basement.  There was an exhibit on firefighters and Smokey the Bear, and since there were things to try on, we enjoyed it.



There were very few other people touring the castle at the same time as us, which meant we could go at our own pace and look around in peace and quiet (and after our visit to the zoo the next day I think I appreciated this fact even more).  As with many historical buildings, there were signs in each room with some facts and information.  Although they were dated, they were interesting and always worth reading, even for Danny.


Overall, we really enjoyed the Miramont Castle.  I don’t know if we would had gone if we hadn’t had a special deal, though, simply because it is kind of expensive ($8 for adults) and we’re on a budget that just wouldn’t allow for such an adventure right now.  I would  enjoy taking my family or other historically inclined friends if I came across another such deal, but otherwise, I would probably just regale them with stories of our visit.

A post about our day in Manitou wouldn’t be complete with adding that when we got home, we swam in our apartment’s pool, which had opened for the first time for the season the day before.  I need to be fair and say that I didn’t really get in, although I tried to, but the freezing cold water (literally…the heater was – and still is – broken) kept me from getting wet only up to my knees.  Danny is a beast though and dove right in.



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