manitou cliff dwellings

Last weekend, Danny and I had a crazy good time.  We had a lot of Groupons and Living Social deals we had purchased and had sitting around, just waiting to be used.  We decided Memorial Day weekend was as good a time as any, so we hit the ground running.  On Saturday morning, we checked out the Manitou Cliff Dwellings.


I was quite skeptical about this place, since I had grown up hearing my parents say that it was fake.  I figured, though, that since we may only live in Colorado Springs for a season, and we had a great deal at our disposal, we might as well give it a chance.


Things I liked about the Manitou Cliff Dwellings:

You can climb in, under, over, and through most things there.


There are so many photo opportunities.


There’s a great overhang over the dwellings, so very little of our time was spent under the hot sun.


The gift shop is extremely extensive and has just about any kitschy item you could ever want (maybe I didn’t actually like this, but I’m mentioning it because one member of our family loved it).


There were wolves from a nearby rescue center visiting the day we went, so we got to pet them and even sneak a photo of them.


There are placards throughout the dwellings with interesting facts about the Native Americans that inhabited them at one point.


Things I didn’t really like about the Manitou Cliff Dwellings:

The gift shop is as much of, if not more than, a focus as the dwellings are.  I’d prefer for the focus to be on the historical value and interest of the dwellings than the dream catchers and magnets for sale.  But that’s just my humble opinion.


The dwellings are indeed ‘real,’ but they were taken apart in their original location and transported to where they now stand.  So once upon a time they were constructed and lived in by Native Americans, but not most recently.  And I guess I don’t really understand why they had to be taken apart and moved in the first place…


The focus is not so much on the history of the Native Americans and how they lived (and treated by the people who now occupy their land), but on the tourist value of the dwellings.  I know that history doesn’t appeal to many people, so maybe history haters should consider checking out the dwellings.  To each his own, I suppose.


Overall, we had a nice time at the Manitou Cliff Dwellings.  We enjoy trying out new things in the Colorado Springs area and finding places to take our visiting friends and family to.  Some places we fall in love with, others not so much.  We probably (read: definitely) won’t taken any guests here, but we did enjoy the dwellings, for what it’s worth.  We had fun climbing around and learning a little bit and being together.  Thanks, Living Social, for the great deal!


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