a (birthday) weekend in greeley

Two weekends ago, for many reasons, we spent some time in Greeley.  I had an orthodontist appointment on Friday afternoon, and we had a wedding to go to on Saturday evening, and my birthday was Sunday.  I love an excuse to go to Greeley, as it means so much more than just ‘business’ since we have so many friends and family members in the area.

On Friday evening we went to James and Ali’s new apartment for dinner (James is Danny’s twin brother, in case you can’t tell from the photo).  They put together a taco salad with some tasty Doritos.  We don’t really eat chips, except for an occasional bag to dip in salsa, but these chips were good.  I can’t remember what variety it was, but I embarrassed myself (by the amount of chips I ate).  Aside from the chips, it was nice to see their place and hear about how their wedding plans are coming along.

DSC06279^^ Good looking group, am I right? ^^

On Saturday, my parents and Danny and I went to the annual UNC garage sale.  It’s always the weekend after graduation (in the spring), and features tons of things that students left behind – clothes, books, furniture, small appliances, and more.  We walked away with a horde of picture frames for a quarter a piece, a new polo for D, a new sweater for me, and some games, to name a few.

I had the opportunity to see some of my nearest and dearest for the rest of the day.  Andrea and I met early for coffee and muffins, and then Kristen and I met to walk on the Poudre River Trail (the same place D and I took our engagement photos!) and accidentally encountered a couple of snakes.  Ask Kristen about it if you want a good story.  Afterwards, I stopped by Kaci’s family’s garage sale and soaked up some time with her!  She also gifted me big time with close to a dozen vegan cookbooks, many beautiful old books, a lamp for our living room, and much more.  I love getting time with these ladies.

By the time all the visiting wrapped up, it was high time to get ready for the Big Event!  Our friends, Austin and Carlie, were getting married!  The ceremony was lovely (I think, as we couldn’t hear the majority of it due to the wind), the location was peaceful and pretty, and the bride was stunning.  I especially loved all the flowers and the prettiest bridesmaid of all, whose name also happens to be Shannon…


They had a buffet of Greek food under a big white tent and a dance floor that was hopping all night.  We very thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and may have looked a bit foolish at times, but we had so. much. fun.


^^ With my handsome date.  Also, ignore how atrocious my hair looks in all these photos.  It was really windy.   And please pardon my weird baggy sweater.  It was pretty chilly out too. ^^


^^ I. Love. This. Girl.  Is she gorgeous or what?! ^^


^^ Oh yes.  Not only was he my date, but he’s also my hubs.  Luckiest girl on the dance floor.  ^^


^^ A fancy move for the twins. ^^


^^ There were no cups to be found at this point in the evening.  Promise. ^^

I regret not having any photos of the guests of honor (Austin and Carlie).  After all, they were the reason for the party.  We took one of them cutting the cool cake and one of their first dance, but they are ridiculously terrible, and not worth sharing with anyone.  Their photographer was Kira Shupe from Kira Ellen Photography and I have no doubt that their photos from her will be amazing.  She’s already posted a few on her Facebook page and, boy oh boy, do Austin and Carlie have lots to look forward to!

Sunday was my 22nd birthday!  My mom made our favorite cinnamon rolls, accompanied by lots of fresh, delicious fruit.


^^ My man decorated the dining room like crazy before I woke up.  Look at the lei I’m wearing, just after waking up, not the mention the beach backdrop!  ^^

Danny and my mom spent the entire morning slaving away on the exorbitant cake I requested.  They are so very kind and thoughtful.


It was a treat to be back at our beloved Christ Community for church and be able to worship to songs we actually know…we miss that place bunches.  Afterwards we met my parents at Noodles & Company for lunch.  Next up: PARTY.

Danny invited some of the sweetest ladies ever to take pictures in front of the backdrop and sing the birthday song and stuff themselves with his tasty cake.


^^ The ladies. ^^


^^ Shannon and I went for a romantic pose. ^^


^^ Dog and I definitely love the Asian poses. ^^


^^ Kaci (spunky and sweet and so very loving) going for the best post known to man (and woman).  ^^


^^ So super blessed to have this man by my side for my birthday (and every day).  ^^


^^ Mysteridge and I going crazy on the beach. ^^


^^ Okay, are my parents super into the theme or what?!  They are amazing and so very kind and generous.  If I did hashtags, I would write “#blessed” and “#thankful” and “#mydadsshirtisthebest.”


^^ And the glorious cake!  It was almost as good as our wedding cake (the top layer that D and I ate, that is), which is a pretty huge deal.  Lemon cake with raspberry filling between the two layers, with lemon frosting…heavenly.  The recipe is here.  ^^

I was given some pretty great gifts, too.  My parents gave me this adorable (and also practical) picnic basket and clock, both of which are sitting pretty in our guest room right now.  Mysteridge gave me a glasses case and mirror.  I have been needing a glasses case for years now, as the inside of mine has fallen apart, and the mirror is now holding our keys and allowing Danny to admire himself before he goes to work in the mornings (I’m always in too much of a hurry to stop and look).  Danny gave me a J.Crew gift card, which I went crazy about in my post yesterday.  Kristen found an incredible “Oriental box,” as the sticker on the bottom says, and I’m pretty sure it’s genuine and straight from Asia (seriously).  It’s sitting right behind me on our pretty little shelf in the dining room.  Kaci blessed me with even more old books, every one of which has been strategically placed around our house (thanks to my sweet, sweet Emily) to maximize their beauty, as well as an old camera!!  Eek!

And finally, in honor of my 22nd birthday, and because this is what we listened to close to 22 times on my birthday, I present Taylor to you:


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