a few wishes – j.crew style

For my birthday last week, Danny gave me a J.Crew gift card.  I guess he read my blog and found out that I feel pretty strongly about that place.  It was so sweet, and perfect for a gal who hasn’t bought clothes in ages (this is a true statement).  I’ve been browsing the J.Crew site ever since to decide exactly what I’ll spend my precious dollars on.  It’s tough, because right now almost everything looks tempting.  Especially swimwear and cover ups, since we have a beautiful pool just steps away from our apartment.

jcrew swim wish list final

1)  Isn’t this pretty?  I love the buttons of this tunic and how loose and comfy it looks.  A perfect poolside cover up, I think.

2) This bag would be so great for toting magazines and books and sunscreen to the pool, or even hauling a few things home from the grocery store.

3) In my opinion, these are the best kind of flip-flops for the pool/beach.  They won’t be damaged by water, and they won’t get stained from sweaty feet (does this only happen to me?).  Plus gold will go with most any swimsuit or dress.

4) This suit is amazing looking.  I am seriously very tempted to buy it, especially since J.Crew has free shipping (and returns, too!) for swimwear.  Bonus: I think the strap can be removed.

5) I am confused as to why this dress is in the cover up section of J.Crew’s site, since it looks perfect for summer barbeques and afternoons at the zoo.  I think I would use this for whatever I wanted and not just covering up to and from the pool (although I think it would do a good job of that too).  

6) Ooh!  This suit is fantastic.  So simple yet so classic and cute.  Also at the top of my seriously-considering-buying list.  

Other favorites from good ol’ J.Crew…

I’ve also been eyeing dresses, since it’s summer and I want to wear them all day, every day, everywhere, all the time.  It would be a real shame to overlook J.Crew Factory, which has very similar styles to those found on the J.Crew website, but at much lower prices.  Sales are often much more common here as well.  I am absolutely loving the dresses they have right now, as well as some great tops and cardigans.

jcrew factory dress wish list final

1) I don’t know if I could realistically pull this dress off, but the colors are great and so very summery.

2) Classy 4th of July outfit anyone?  I’ll be in Alaska on the big day, where this dress may not be suitable for the weather.  It’s worth a try though.

3) This is my favorite dress on J.Crew Factory’s site right now.  The design, the colors, the cut.  So great.

4) We’re going to San Diego in just a few weeks, and this dress just screams “BEACH!  OCEAN!  BOARDWALK!” to me.  Call me crazy, but I think this dress is calling my name.

5) Yellow.  Dress.  Where were you last fall (when I needed bridesmaid dresses)?!  But since it’s here now, can someone invite me to a fancy party of some sort so I can justify buying this dress right now?

jcrew factory top wish list final

6) If you really know me well, you know that I am afraid of birds.  Like seriously scared of them.  However, there’s just something about this shirt that just keeps catching my eye and singing, “Look at me!  Look at me!  You know you love me…you know you love me…you know you love me…”

7) Doesn’t this cardigan look perfect for cool summer evenings…and fall and spring, too, so it would get a lot of use.  Right?  After all, it’s called the “always cardigan” on the website.

8) Under sweaters, over a swimsuit, by itself…this shirt would be well-loved  Plus it would go with black shorts, brown shorts, white shorts, khaki shorts, jean shorts…yep, pretty much everything.

9) Look at how bright and fun this cardigan is!  I love the way it cascades down the front.  Oh and the stripes too.  Also perfect for many seasons, as well as being spotted from far away.

10) This picture doesn’t do this tank justice, but it is amazing.  I saw it in the store recently, and fell in love.

11) I have another J.Crew Factory shirt with bikes on it, and this one is great also.  I like how large and striking the bike is.  Plus the color is so…wow!


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