our wedding: bridal party

{I’m going to the write the first part of this post, then Danny’s going to jump in and write about his guys, and then I’m come back for a bit.}

I have awesome friends.  Being surrounded by them on the day of our wedding was like a dream come true.  My favorite ladies, all within a few feet from me for an entire day…it just doesn’t get any better than that.


These ladies are stunning, inside and out.  One of the most beautiful parts of the whole process of being engaged, our wedding day, and now, being married, has been seeing these friends of mine, who barely knew each other, learn to love on each other.  They did each other’s hair on the big day, they worked together to decorate and clean up and who knows what else, and now, some of them are still in touch.  Some of them have contemplated living together, others have been hiking together, and still others post ridiculous things for each other on Facebook.


I don’t want to forget to mention how much they sacrificed for me as bridesmaids.  They threw a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, and bought dresses they will probably never wear again.  They also took a bunch of photos outside of the church on our wedding day…even though the temperatures were surely below freezing.  They put me first throughout my engagement and on my wedding day, which was truly humbling.  They put my interests above their own, and they lived out Philippians 2.  For reals.


Something else that touched my heart was the way many of them cried.  Ha.  I know, I know.  I cried at least every 15 minutes, but hey, what do you expect?  I was about to pledge to live with a male for the rest of my life.  But they were simply spectators and supporters to the whole thing, yet when they teared up during the ceremony or as we all met to sign the marriage license when it was all official or just at random times throughout the day…it got me.  These ladies love me, that’s for sure.  (Or else they knew that from that day forth I wouldn’t sleep through the night for the foreseeable future, and were really sad for me.)Everett-0250I was blessed in numerous ways by numerous people on my wedding day, but I felt the love from these ladies so thickly.  They prayed for me, they encouraged me, they looked at me with great love in their eyes (I am not joking).  They are gems, and bless my life so immensely.


And the guys?  Well, I saw them very little, until we took some group photos beforehand and then again on the dance floor.  I asked Danny if he wanted to write about them and he said no, but I should write that they were “A+.”  But then when it actually came down to it, he changed his mind!  Woohoo!  So here you go…the groomsmen from the groom’s perspective.


My time in college changed my life forever.  It was a time that God used to bring me closer to him than ever before, and one of God’s main methods to do this was through an incredible fellowship of men.  As I look back to those days, not so long ago despite how they seem in my mind, I realize how blessed I was to have these guys in my life.  Now, out of college and in “the real world,” I realize how rare a community like that is, and how I will probably never have something quite like it again.  The five guys that I chose to have by my side on our wedding day are an awesome picture of that community as a whole: men wholly devoted to their Lord, Master, Creator, Father, and Savior.


We look pretty good don’t we?  One of the interesting parts about my half of the bridal party was picking out what the guys were going to wear.  Most of the guys didn’t really have a lot of money at their disposal, so I had to be pretty creative.  The most controversial piece of clothing had to be the slim fit pants.  Both Mysteridge’s and Brandon’s thighs are built like oak trees, so they were a little worried at first.  Suffice to say, both tried to keep extraneous movement to a minimum, so as to reduce the risk of splitting their seams with their mighty thunder thighs!  For Nick, the pants fit exceedingly well and from what I can tell, he has worn them everyday ever since. Trying to find slim fit pants for him is like trying to find slim fit pants for a flamingo; they’re always going to be a bit baggy.  And of course, I’d be remiss without pointing out that the pants looked great on James and Tom, my two most stylish guys.  Something cool worth noting about the ensembles: each retailed at less than $100 which is less than most rentals!  Plus they got to keep all the stuff.


One of the coolest parts of having the guys that I did by my side was that I know we are all like-minded.  They are serious about marriage, and serious about the Lord.  They know that life isn’t about partying and then later settling down and getting married.  The real adventure starts with marriage (if that’s what the Lord has for you).  They know that marriage is a lifetime commitment, which as everybody knows, is a dying idea in our day, both in the church and outside of it.  I wanna give a shout out at this point also to Sage Buckner.  He is married to Whitney Buckner (one of Shannon’s bridesmaids).  He was behind the scenes with us all day, and he is such an awesome guy.  We used to joke around and say he was a robot because he is so “perfect”.  He is a great husband and it was wonderful having his calming presence around backstage.


My wedding day was one of the most fun days of my life.  The primary reason for this (besides marrying the woman of my dreams), was the guys that I was surrounded by.  These guys know how to have fun!  Thanks to Nick, James, Brandon, Mysteridge, and Tom!  And of course James Guerra, Michael Laskowsky, Sage Buckner, Tim McGuire, and Austin Lake (not pictured but also amazing guys).


And now (it’s me again), all of us together, after our first look.



Talking about our bridal party wouldn’t be a complete without mentioning our beautiful flower girls and handsome ring bearer!  My youngest female cousins, Michaela and Katie, are professional flower girls.  Seriously.  They know their stuff, and I didn’t worry for a second that they wouldn’t be the best flower girls ever.


^^ Can you tell it was a little bit chilly outside? ^^

Paul, coming all the way from Vancouver (with his family) for the wedding, was our dashing ring bearer (and is also my youngest male cousin).  Against much advice to the contrary, we tied the actual rings to the Bible he was to carry down to aisle.  I totally trusted him, and he lived up to our expectations.  His mom and my grandma put together his outfit from afar, and I think it turned out great.


Look at that group!  So many lovely, smiling faces.



Thank you, each and every one of you, and all of you who helped us be surrounded by so many loved ones on our wedding day.  We were blessed to share so many precious moments with so many sweet friends and family members on our most special day, and love each of you dearly.

You can view the first posts in the series here (registering and gifts), here (preparations), here (getting ready), and here (our first look).


2 thoughts on “our wedding: bridal party

  1. So much love and thankfulness from Sage and I. We were so blessed to be there on your covenant day, so blessed that Jesus brought our lives together and overwhelmed with thankfulness that we get to live life knowing and loving the Lord together. You guys are the best!!

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