concert + cinco de mayo

Prepare yourself…this post is going to be outrageous.

First off, I like to think that I am good at taking pictures, and I oftentimes fool myself into believing it is true, but then something like going to a concert happens, and removes all certainty that I have skill.  Therefore, I will be posting very few pictures of our time at the Chris Tomlin + Kari Jobe concert we went to at Red Rocks on May 4th.

We were so blessed to get last-minute tickets to the concert, thanks to the Robel and Shupe families.  We didn’t have much planned for that Saturday, so we lazed around the house until we knew the tickets were secure and it was high time we leave for Red Rocks.  I had been many times before to enjoy the nice rocks and fantastic views with my family, but had never had the pleasure of seeing a concert at Red Rocks.  I don’t know if Danny had ever even heard of Red Rocks before.  Anyways, we got in the doors right after Kari Jobe finished her most well-known song, and enjoyed a few songs like “Revelation” and “Hosanna” from her before Chris Tomlin took the stage.


We thoroughly enjoyed worshiping at the concert.  The scenery was stunning, the crowd was sold out and energetic, the weather much chillier than we were prepared for, and the music was just as we had hoped.  Some of my very favorite songs (“Our God,” “Whom Shall I Fear”) happen to be sung by Chris Tomlin, so it was amazing to sing them in such a setting.  I’m used to belting them out in the car or singing along at church, so being joined by a chorus of 9,000 was really something.

I hear that back in the day, people would wave lighters at concerts.  I have never actually seen this happen, however, I have seen the newfangled way of doing things: cell phone screens/lights (seriously, some phones have tiny little lights on them that seem to be brighter than car headlights).  It looked especially neat in this setting.  I mean, just look at that!


We wanted to stay till the bitter end, but at the same time, we didn’t want to battle the masses to get to our car and then wait for ages to get on the highway and back home again.  Thus, we left our seats a bit early and took in a few songs from a lower level and left for good as the encore began.  It turned out to be a very good choice on our part, as we were able to get out fairly easily.  We arrived home right around midnight, tired but thankful.


Sunday was May 5th, in other words, Cinco de Mayo.  On our way home from church, we somehow decided that we should celebrate the holiday with some Mexican food, and perhaps a visit to the Dollar Tree as well.  After a trip to Sprouts for some fixin’s, we did indeed stop at the Dollar Tree to look for maracas and sombreros.  The maracas were junk and the sombreros were not to be found, so we headed home.  I got some veggies, guacamole, beans, rice, and salsa ready for our burritos, while D created a sign.



Danny also found some stellar tunes to regale us during the festivities.  I believe the Pandora station is called “Mariachi.”


After we ate, it became clear that Danny should wear something more fitting for the occasion.   Jeans and a sweatshirt, while comfy, was just not going to cut it.  I cleaned up lunch, and before I knew it, this strapping young fellow was before me…


And, like all good Cinco de Mayo celebrations, a pinata was in order.  Because we don’t have an outdoor space beyond our third floor patio, we used a stuffed animal Danny won for me in a claw machine last year.  Tied up with a shoe string in our hallway, Sugar Loaf was ready to be beaten by the closest thing we have to a baseball bat: a sword.  Later we realized how perfect an extension of our vacuum was for the job so we switched the sword out for a less menacing tube.


To say that the afternoon was exciting and full of laughter is an understatement.  Danny spearheaded the entire event, and was the mastermind behind all of the activities.  {I would also like to note that nothing about the day included the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo, nor is it representative in any way of traditional Cinco de Mayo celebrations.}

I decided that I wanted to contribute an (even less related) idea and so we made a fort.  (The Alamo?)



Complete with every pillow and blanket we own, as well as some cardboard we haven’t been able to figure out what to do with, we assembled a nice lil’ fort.  Unfortunately, it only lasted a day since we couldn’t sit up in it, but we did feel rather accomplished and as if we hadn’t completely lost our ability to be kids.

So there you go.  A couple of days full of unexpected gifts and fun and me being further convinced that marriage can indeed be fun.  Thanks for reading!

P.S. We’re already thinking about amping up our Cinco de Mayo celebration and actually inviting people over next year…so if you’re game for being silly and ridiculous and fun…come on over.

P.P.S. One of the (totally unexpected) highlights of the concert was meeting Lindsay Leigh Bentley, whose blog I adore.  Turns out she’s related to the Robels!  Anyways, I’m so glad that she was so gracious and un-freaked out (at least on the outside) about me randomly approaching her.  She wrote about coming to Colorado for the concert, which was fun to read.  Check her out – she’s the sweetest.


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