our wedding: getting ready

The morning of January 3, 2013, I slept in a bit, ate some oatmeal, took a shower, gathered my overnight bag, and left my parents’ house as a single lady for the last time.  I arrived at the church a few minutes later, around 9:30am, and was joyfully greeted by my sweet bridesmaids, friends Amanda + Sarah, and Caroline (our photographer), along with her second shooter, Libby.


As I prepared for our wedding, I knew that I wanted the morning of to be as peaceful as possible.  Without me ever having to say it, these ladies knew, and it was such an amazing gift to be surrounded by them all morning.

Everett-0009My sweet friend, Sarah Metcalfe, was in charge of my hair.  The best part (besides that it looked great) was getting to practice together countless times beforehand…any excuse to hang out, right?!


We got ready in one of the children’s rooms on the top floor of the church, and I absolutely adored all of the natural light.  Anytime I don’t have to turn on overhead lights is a good time.


Meanwhile, Danny and his guys arrived to get ready downstairs in a room I am a little bit envious of.  A fireplace, comfy couches, beautiful art…what an awesome groom’s room!  It’s also where we held our rehearsal dinner the night before.




And, proof that girls take longer to get ready (as if anyone is actually unsure), we were still working on my hair by the time Caroline got back upstairs to join us ladies.


My sweet, sweet Whitney volunteered the day before to do my make up, as that is something I obviously had not thought through.  To be fair, I didn’t own any make up until I bought some the night before to be used for the wedding, and I haven’t it touched since then.  It’s just not really a part of my life at this point.  Anyways, it turned out perfect.  So thankful Whit was up to the task and blessed me in such a big way on my wedding day.


Once our hair and make ups were all done, Caroline found the guys…


Everett-0164She told me about how incredible their worship session was, and I didn’t want to miss out on such a special moment.  I snuck into the adjoining kitchenette and savored the moment.  Can you see the tears and emotion overtaking me?  Oh to have a man who loves the Lord!  I am blessed beyond all measure.



The next logical step was putting on my dress.  Remember the dress I didn’t really like and battled with for months?  Yeah, that one.

Everett-0179Look at those beauties in their lovely, yellow J.Crew dresses!   Only true friends would buy a yellow dress and not complain about it.



Everett-0196I was officially ready to meet Danny, but before that, I wanted to read a letter that had been brought to me via Caroline earlier in the morning.


As if I hadn’t already been crying all day…


While I read Danny’s letter, my sweet ladies cleaned up the room we got ready in so that we could eat a bit of lunch (Noodles & Company) and then take some ‘official’ photos together.  I can’t tell you what the guys were doing during this time, because I honestly don’t know.  I think that getting ready took them about 15 minutes total, and it’s hard to say what they did the rest of the morning.  Lots of singing, I think, as well as some pizza-eating and assorted picture-taking as well…like this gem:


The morning flew by, yet we somehow had time to spare.  Which meant that Sarah got to teach us this rockin’ dance to “One Thing” by One Direction that we later performed at the reception.


One of my favorite parts of the day.  These ladies are so fun!


Before Danny and I had our ‘first look,’ we gathered together and Whitney prayed over D and me.  This lady…seriously blessed my socks (or should I say, my TOMS) off on my wedding day.  What a beautiful, peaceful, joyful presence.


Like I said before (but simply cannot say it enough), I am so thankful for how beautifully peaceful and fun the morning of our wedding was.  I was surrounded by a group of women that love the Lord and love me dearly and who were there to celebrate and support me. And all of the people behind the scenes…my oh my.  My mom ran around like crazy (I think) all morning, between seeing me get ready the church and helping with decorating at the reception location and buying flower girl baskets because mine didn’t come in the mail in time and probably 67 other things.  Amanda and Sarah were amazing too…they brought coffee in the morning, they picked up our lunch (and even handled the fact that Noodles & Co. misplaced my order and created a small bit of havoc), and transported a car-full of international students to the wedding.  Oh, and did I mention that they were also readers in the ceremony, as well as in charge of the guest book at the reception?  Goodness, what would I have done without these two?!  They are rock stars.  Sweet Kaci created all of the decorations, which I will focus on in another post, because they were fabulous and worthy of at least 1,000 posts, and all morning long, my aunts and uncles and cousins took over decorating the reception venue which was not a small task!  There was also good friends of our family who picked up flowers (Kelly!), supervised the drop-off of the cakes (Jan!), and transported food (Sherrie!).  And I’m sure many others who worked hard and ran around town and kept disasters a secret so that I could have a peaceful, trouble-free morning.  Whew!  What a stellar group of people.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Next Up: Our First Look!!

You can view the first two posts in the series here (gifts and registry) and here (preparations for the wedding).


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