today is rainy

After a couple of days of fun with my dear friend Kristen and an afternoon of volunteering at the library, I was resting in our big orange chair.  I looked out the window and squinted…is it raining?  No, I decided, it isn’t.  A few minute later, I heard it.  I stood up and took in the scene.  And then…the thunder.  Oh my.  

Everything is wet.  The streets, the dog and his owner walking outside, the porch railing.  I can hear it.  The cars going through puddles, the thunder rumbling, the rain falling, my heart beating.  

I stand, arms open wide, at the window.  Praising the Father.  What a gift!  I rejoiced, thanking Him for this gift.  Not just because Colorado is (perpetually) dry and thirsty for rain, or because it gives me a (silly) excuse to stay inside and write instead of get the mail, but because I love it.

The sounds, the sights, the emotion.  The wetness, the peace, the cloudy skies.  This is joy for me.  This beauty is a precious gift from above.  It is my God singing joy and cleanness and all things new over me.  Oh!  The goodness!  The grace!  The rain!

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