I am working on so many different posts right now, it is ridiculous.  But there’s just so much news with us these days, that I have to put those good, long posts on pause and let it all out.  So here you go!

  • I finally applied for a new passport!  A new picture, a check for $140, some papers, our marriage license, and my old passport are on their way to me having a passport that reads “Shannon Renee Everett” (and being allowed to go to Alaska)!  I have to confess, though, that I was pretty bummed to be mailing away all my stamps and Chinese visas that were in my old passport.
  • Kristen is coming to visit on Wednesday!!  And she’s staying the night!  Woohoo!
  • Right before I began this post, I dropped my peanut butter toast facedown on my laptop keyboard.  Boo.  Thankfully, I have a really agile tongue.
  • After FOUR months, I finally got to talk to one of my favorite ladies on the planet, Mrs. Whitney Buckner.  Last Thursday, less than 12 hours before she had to hop on a plane, we had a chance to Skype for a couple of hours.  So thankful for that.
  • I gave my first hair cut on Saturday, and the recipient was my very brave husband.  In our bathroom, with a garbage bag on, as I prepared to cut his hairs…

seriously cute

  • Organic strawberries.  That is all.
  • While eating some banana pancakes on Saturday morning, I said to Danny, “Can we go back to Chiner, please?”  Don’t freak out on me yet, but there are some big things being stirred up in our hearts…!!!
  • We have friends.  We’re four months into this whole newlyweds-who-just-moved-to-a-new-city thing, and I can officially, and oh so thankfully, say, WE HAVE FRIENDS!  New friends (and you know who you are), if you’re reading this, thanks.  We love you.
  • Yesterday Danny and I made a super legit fort in our living room.  Think all of our blankets, pillows, and couches, plus some Christmas lights and chocolate cake for good measure.  Here’s a preview…


  • I’m finally making side dishes to go with our dinner.  I know…seems basic.  It feels lame to write it.  But it’s true.  It’s hard to put together a real (vegan) meal every night when you don’t really love cooking, so I’m pretty proud to say that I’m finally getting the hang of things!
  • We’re going to San Diego!!  June 13th – 17th, and we are so pumped.  Danny’s parents live there, as well as his aunt, uncle, and cousins.  So so so excited!  Silly timing on our part, because we leave for Alaska four days later, but nonetheless, thank you federal government for the sweet gift (a.k.a. tax return), because we get to go to San Diego!  In the summer, too!
  • On Saturday, totally last minute, we were given two tickets to the Chris Tomlin/Kari Jobe concert at Red Rocks!  When we found out, we were both in shock.  We’d been wanting to go for months, but couldn’t find reasonably priced (a.k.a. under $100) tickets, so when we saw our friend Maggie post about extra tickets her family had, and she said we could just have them, we were floored.  What a gift.  It was an amazing evening…more words (and pictures) coming later.


  • I’ve been seeing an acupuncturist, and she is great.  If you’ve ever had questions/doubts/qualms about acupuncture, talk to me. She is from China, just in case you wanted to know.  Only part of why I love her.
  • Yesterday, for the first time in our lives, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo.  Just the two of us.  I promise I’ll write more about this bash we threw for ourselves later, but for now…


  • Marriage is fun.  One of the things I believed most deeply about marriage (before we got married) was that marriage was boring.  We had so much fun dating, and in a way, I didn’t want to get married at all, because I was afraid that life would become dreadfully mundane and monotonous.  Well, to that I now have to say, life’s what you make it…so let’s make it rock.

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