april from a to z

I can hardly believe that May is just around the corner…after all of the snow we’ve had lately, as recently as this past week, it seems like it should still be late February or early March.  However, we are thrilled to be welcoming warmer weather and longer days and will gladly bid winter weather adieu for now (nevermind that snow showers are predicted for this upcoming Wednesday…).

We’ve had a fun month full of adventures and growing relationships.  Here’s April, at least the parts that I haven’t mentioned on the blog yet, from A to Z…

Art of sleeping with another person in the same bed (every night).  This is one thing I didn’t think would be a challenge about getting married, but it seriously is.  I don’t sleep through the night unless I’m staying at my parents’ house (in my old twin bed), which is a serious bummer.  If you have any ideas/advice about this issue, please please please send them my way!  They would be so appreciated.

Birthdays galore!  Mysteridge (my brother), my mom, Danny’s dad, and my grandma had birthdays this month.  Yipee for the wonderful people we have in our life!

Cookies!  Two varieties (banana chocolate chip and lemon) for our last meeting with our Mormon missionaries.  These are both awesome cookies, with the banana ones possibly a little bit better, just so you know.

Doctor’s appointments.  I went back to Greeley for three doctor’s appointments, and saw a new neurologist, Dr. Christy Young, most recently.  My visits were encouraging and I’m trying some new things these days, including yoga, new vitamins and medications, and this upcoming week, acupuncture and massage.

Engaged!  Our friend Kevin, who is currently living in East Asia, flew to California to surprise his girlfriend and propose to her!  She said yes, and so we’re looking forward to their October wedding!

Friends in Greeley.  Since I made it back to good ol’ G-town twice this month, I was able to see a bunch of friends, including Jan, Jane, Shannon, Ashleigh, Kay, Heera, Sarah, and Raquel.  Super blessed by these ladies who work to stay in touch even though we don’t live within a few minutes of each other anymore.

Game Night with the LinX!  Our Young Marrieds group had a game night at church one Friday night, complete with vegan banana bread (Erika is the best), dominoes, four square (yes, just like on the playground in elementary school), and Wise and Otherwise.

HuHot date!  We used up the last of our Valentine’s Day money and enjoyed a night out at HuHot.  With the huge variety of vegetables and sauces and other toppings (tofu, noodles, fruit, etc.), this is truly a vegan’s (or carnivore’s) paradise.  We wrapped the evening up with a trip to Goodwill, where we found hardcover copies of Wild at Heart and Captivating, which I’ve been wanting to get for a while now, for $2.99 each!

Inside North Korea.  We borrowed this short film by Lisa Ling and National Geographic from the library, and will not look at North Korea the same again.  You can also watch it here.  Speaking of North Korea, I’m currently a couple of chapters into Escape from Camp 14, and I will be the first to tell you that it is hard to read.  Shin’s story is real and is the story of many North Koreans right at this moment.

Jessica became a dear friend of mine this past week after our Mormon missionaries brought her along for a teaching session one week.   I was sad to say good-bye to her last week as she headed back to BYU to finish her nursing degree for the next year, but am so thankful for the friendship we were able to grow in a short amount of time.

Keith, Danny’s dad, came to visit at the beginning of the month.  It was as quick trip, but a sweet surprise!

Library volunteering.  Thursday and Friday afternoons, I work as a holds processor at the Briargate branch, and I love it!

Mountain biking for Danny.  This morning, Danny and our friend Chris left for a mountain biking trek in Pine, Colorado.  Praying they’re safe and have loads of fun!

Noodles, peanut sauce covered noodles that is!  I fell head over heels for peanut noodles the first time I went to China, and when D and I went together this past fall, I was devastated to find that the restaurant that served them had closed down.  Thankfully, we found another, which we stopped by whenever we could (despite its 45 minute bus ride away).  We had yet to find a good imitation recipe, but yesterday I found this one on Pinterest, and it is real good.  We made it last night when Chris came over for dinner, and if you need proof that it is good, listen to this: Danny had three heaping servings.  I had one, but that does not negate its deliciousness.

Orientation at Compassion International.  I now have a name badge and am set to start volunteering this upcoming Tuesday.  Excited to be a part of such a wonderful organization!

Panda Puzzle!  Our sweet sister-in-law-to-be, Ali, sent us a mini panda puzzle  It seems easy with only 100 pieces, but I’m telling you, it is deceiving.  Still working on it, to be honest.

Questions.  Danny and I have been pondering some important questions lately, such as, “Where do we want to be in 5 years?  10 years?”  and “What is our vision for our life/lives?” and “What is your dream job?”  We don’t want to look back and realize that we just floated through life without much purpose or direction, so we’re questioning what we’re doing and where we want to be.

Raquel!  We might have graduated from high school four years ago, but during the time we spent together last week, it felt like no time at all had past.  It was oh so sweet to be reunited, and since I’ve seen her, she has finished college and been joined by her beautiful daughter, AvaMarie.  Her story is inspiring and has God’s hand all over it.  Read more on her blog here.

Snow.  It has snowed so much here in Colorado Springs this month.  Seriously, I think every Tuesday it has snowed for the past four weeks.  I adore it, since I get to stay home pretty much all day, every day, and bask in its beauty and the peace it envelops us in.  Others in our lil’ family are excited for the snow to go away and stay away until Christmastime.

Tokyo Joe’s finally opened their first location in Colorado Springs, and we were stoked to visit as soon as possible, thanks to a gift card from the Easter bunny (a.k.a. my awesome parents).  We loved being joined by our friends Jamie, Steve, Micah, and Becca from church a couple of weekends ago!

Under two months until our Alaskan cruise!  We’re going with my mom’s side of the family to celebrate my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary!  I feel so blessed to get to see my family all together twice in six months (this never happens since my Aunt Becky and her family live in Vancouver), and to get to experience Alaska for the first time!  Plus cruises are awesome, and it will be Danny’s first one.

Voice of the Martyrs conference.  We were privileged to be a part of a regional conference VOM hosted at a local church featuring the stories of Christian martyrs and their families across the world.  Highlights for us were speakers from North Korea and Colombia and the incredible harpist.

Working Out!  I went to the gym at our apartment complex periodically throughout the first three months that we lived here, but not with too much consistency.  This month, though, Danny started a group called Abtastic April with some guy friends of his, and we’ve been going to the gym at least five times a week!  Woohoo!  I think that this level of dedication is a first for both of us, and we love it!

eXtra juicy tangelos.  A kind worker was giving out samples at Sprouts this past week, and after one bite, I knew we had to get some.  We downed ours within a day, and wish that there was a closer Sprouts to our house so that we could re-stock.  Danny doesn’t really like oranges, but he sure likes tangelos (which look almost identical to oranges)!

Yoga.  I’ve always been wary of this ‘thing.’  However, after my (most recent) doctor prescribed it, I found a couple of beginner’s DVDs at the library and have been going through the encyclopedia of poses the past couple of days.  I’ve been anxious to actually get to a ‘routine,’ and finally did this afternoon.  So far so good!

Zoo!  We didn’t go to the zoo this month, but that is my go-to word in Bananagrams (when I have a Z), a game that we really, really love.  Maybe next month we’ll go.  We keep saying that if I get a job, we’d love to get a membership and go at least once a month.  I just love the zoo/animals so much!


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