our mormon missionaries

About five weeks ago, as Danny and I were eating dinner, a knock came at our door.  We were confused, and I said to Danny, “Who is it?  We don’t have any friends (or at least friends nearby that know where we live)!”

At the time, I wasn’t fully dressed to greet guests, so once he decided to answer the door, I ran to the bedroom so he could greet our mysterious visitors.  There stood three young ladies, with name tags declaring that they were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I put on some pants and went out to greet them.  The first thing I noticed: they were so stylish.  Cute peacoats, boots, and beautifully styled hair.  Danny invited them to come over the next week and I hesitantly added that I would make dessert.

Since that time, we’ve met with the sisters, as they are called when they are on their mission, every week.  They brought Jessica with them one week, who went to high school with Danny, and has now become a good friend of mine.  Once we even met them at Jessica’s house to watch the bi-annual LDS General Conference.   They’ve eaten my new dessert creations every week, and have always been very complimentary and grateful (although I don’t think they’re faking it – everything I’ve made for them thus far has been pretty good, if I do say so myself – it’s hard to go wrong with dessert).

Although we definitely have some differences in beliefs, I love the sisters.  They have been good listeners, sensitive speakers, and faithful friends.  They take interest in our lives and remember things about us.  They are respectful of what we believe, ask us good questions, and allow us to share as well.

Sister Klenotich, Sister Steele, Sister Kartchner, and myself.

Sister Klenotich, Sister Steele, and Sister Kartchner.

The sisters + Jessica couldn’t have come at a better time.  Danny and I had been longing for people to have spiritual conversations with, as our contact with people is pretty minimal these days with him at work on the phones all day and me at home alone.  I had also been longing for friends and had even been contemplating how we could leave this town.  We’ve entered into many depthful spiritual conversations with them and others lately, and I have found a sweet friendship blooming with them.  The sisters are intentional and genuine, and have made me feel loved and accepted.

It has been such an interesting experience, feeling like I am being evangelized for the first time in my life, when for most of my life it’s the other way around.  I’ve learned a lot from how they interact with us and what it means for them to be on a mission.  And, of course, I’ve learned a lot about Mormonism and people who adhere to the faith as D and I have been listening to the sisters, asking lots of questions, and reading The Book of Mormon for ourselves.

{You should know that Danny and I have been upfront with the sisters from day one.  We enjoy learning about other faiths, including Mormonism, but we do not intend to change our own.  If something doesn’t line up with the Bible, we can’t believe in it/adhere to it/follow it.}

Last night, as our meeting with the sisters + Jessica + another friend they brought along was coming to a close, they said they needed to tell us some bad news.  With no expectations of what was coming, we listened.  And then I cried a little.

The sisters were told yesterday that they are being moved to another ward in our city, effective immediately.  Which means they can’t see us anymore.  I don’t understand why, and if it has anything to with us or not.  All I know is that what was becoming a beautiful relationship full of sharing and openness and mutual respect has been taken away and forbidden, at least for now.  It’s confusing and frustrating.

Since they're not our missionaries anymore, I suppose we can call them by their first names?!  All of us together: Jessica, Anne, Valerie, Alicia, myself and Danny

Since they’re not our missionaries anymore, I suppose we can call them by their first names now?! All of us together: Jessica, Anne, Valerie, Alicia, myself and Danny.

After they left (and let’s be honest – I cried a fair amount), Danny and I asked each other, “What now?”  Right now we’re praying about whether or not we want to meet with the new missionaries (who are young men) coming to our area.  We’ll probably put our reading of “The Book  of Mormon” on hold for now, until we have someone to discuss it with.  We’ll also be praying for the sisters and that we can continue to be friends with them and that somehow we can grow our relationship with them in the next year or so while they are still living only a few miles away from us.

Ultimately, we believe what the Bible says in Psalm 18:30: “As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is flawless.”  We are so grateful for the time we’ve had with the sisters, and we’re looking forward to see what His good purposes are in our relationship with the sisters, as we know that all that He does is for our good and His glory.


3 thoughts on “our mormon missionaries

  1. Shannon, a book I’d recommend if you have opportunities to meet with any future missionaries is “I Love Mormons.” I have a copy I’d be happy to share if you’re interested! Will pray the Lord brings you some new friends!

    • Mrs. Smith, I just searched for the book you recommended on our library’s online catalog and I don’t think they have it. I’d love to borrow it sometime if we’re ever able to meet up or if you see my mom! Thanks so much for the recommendation!

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