eating lately

Around our house, we eat really good food (or at least we think so).

Just in case you want to know, here are a few things we’ve eaten lately that were especially delicious…

  • Baked Doughnuts with this glaze.  We made these on a snowy Tuesday morning when D’s work schedule was wacky, and we had time to make a ‘special breakfast’ (anything beyond cereal is usually reserved for the weekend).  I love these doughnuts for many reasons, mostly because they are incredibly delicious, but also because the only flour they use is whole wheat pastry flour.  The recipe only makes six doughnuts, and we can easily eat all of them in one sitting.  Love how they melt in my mouth…mmm.
Some with glaze, some without.  Definitely recommend the glaze, though.

Some with glaze, some without. Definitely recommend the glaze, though.

  • Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Brownies.  These are easy and quite tasty.  They use a bit of whole wheat pastry flour (always a plus) and are much different from classic brownies.  We made these for a meeting we had planned with our Mormon missionary friends, but they got sick and had to cancel, which meant D and I ate them (the brownies, not the missionaries) all by ourselves…oops.
  • Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake.  This was my first bundt cake, which I was pretty excited about, and the taste was good.  My execution of getting it out of the pan, however, was not stellar, because I put it straight onto a cooling rack…a.k.a. most of it crumbled through the slats.  However, it was yummy, and the missionaries approved, as did our Indian friends Lalit and Anvesh, who do not eat eggs (thus our vegan food is right up their alley).
  • Banana and Oatmeal Pancakes.  These ended up being our most perfect looking pancakes to date, and tasty too!  I love that they’re composed primarily of bananas, oats, and non-dairy milk, and only a half cup of flour.  Made entirely in our food processor too!
  • Baked Cinnamon Sugar Donuts.  While not quite as healthy as our first donut attempt, these were still a delight, and made nine more, so that was a major bonus.  They’re also a bit more time intensive, from the making of the batter to a longer baking time (plus three batches to go in the oven instead of) to brushing melted ‘butter’ on them and dipping them in cinnamon sugar.  They are quite filling though, and really, really delicious, so we heartily recommend these!
  • No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie with an Oreo Crust.  It would seem that the primary purpose for my desserts these days is to feed our Mormon missionary friends when they come over…and I suppose it’s true.  At least I’m not making this much dessert for just the two of us, right?!  Anyways, I made this yesterday, and it is real treat.  Only 3-4 tablespoons of sugar, with lots of banana and peanut butter goodness, this will surely become a favorite.  And the missionaries loved it.  Side note: my Oreo crust (okay, we actually used WhoNu?s instead of Oreos because we adore them) didn’t turn out that great.  In fact, although there’s only one piece of pie left, the whole bottom on the pie plate is covered with crumbs from the crust.  D can probably help me out with that thought…

I haven’t listened any ‘real’ food because all of our dinners come from The Vegan Menu, and our lunches are almost always leftovers of our dinners.  Breakfast is typically cereal during the week, and ‘special breakfasts’ (pancakes, waffles, doughnuts, etc.) on the weekends.  However, some of our favorite dinners in the past couple weeks were pasta with rapini, mushroom soup with arugula, black bean enchiladas, curried lentil stew, and baked ziti with peppers.

***All recipes mentioned are vegan, just so you know :)


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