happy birthday mysteridge

Nineteen years ago, my mom gave birth to my brother, Mysteridge.  I will be honest with you: I was not excited about this event.  I wish I had digital files of the images that were taken around this time, because they truly demonstrate how devastated I was to no longer be an only child.  For three years, I was the center of my parents’ universe and I was awesome.

me n mysteridge

While my mom was pregnant, I had plenty of ideas for names for him.  For example, Triples, my favorite cereal at the time.  Kix, another delicious breakfast of champions for younguns like myself, was also in the running.  As was Bingo, the star of one of my favorite music videos at the time.  And of course, my favorite non-breakfast food, Hot Dog, was a top choice too.   My parents, in their wisdom beyond their years, selected Eric Steven to be actual name, and Mysteridge to be his street name.

solo mysteridge

Over the years though, I decided that I liked Mysteridge.  I was glad to have a brother, a friend, and a super chad in my family.  My parents are wonderful and took us on countless adventures and trips and during those times, some of my fondest memories of Mysteridge were created.  In this photo, you can see us eating breakfast alongside a river during a family camping trip.  Mysteridge has a paper napkin coming out of his mouth.

mysteridge has a napkin in his mouth

Also this happened at an unknown lake.  Obviously awesome.

obviously awesome

This glorious moment occurred when we stopped in Roswell, New Mexico on our way to Carlsbad Caverns (you all must go there, btw).  Unfortunately, the do-rag Mysteridge is sporting was not purchased, but he did wear it long enough to capture this beautiful moment.

mysteridge in roswell

Over the years, I have enlisted many of my friends in my adoration of him.  Oftentimes, it looks something this…

mysteridge, sit in the middle of our pose.

or this…

hail mysteridge

Our love even comes in the form of customized shirts, which we sported at his (varsity) basketball games in his freshman year.  Told you he was a super chad.  Said shirt may or may not still be in my closet but I have now been forbidden to wear it.  Go figure.


As you can see, Mysteridge is a champion for allowing us to like him so much.  What can I say?  He’s awesome.  He’s strong in a lot of ways, and any mention of him would not be complete without bragging about his brute strength and massive muscles (I will not be posting a photo to prove this…at least not yet).  He’s handsome and also funny too.  Last night he took advantage of my mom, who left  her Facebook open and wished himself a happy birthday on her behalf.  I told you he was awesome.  Oh, and he loves the Lord.  Which is obviously the BEST thing about him.  What more could a ‘big’ sister ask for?

caroline is the bomb.

So, Mysteridge, HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the bottom my heart.  I hope these pictures make you smile and not cringe.  They represent such good times.  And I’m saving the most embarrassing ones for next year, so just wait…there’s more where these came from. ;)

**Professional looking photos are compliments of Caroline, whom we love very much.  She rocks my world.  And is responsible for the very best photographs of our family that we possess.  As well as our engagement and wedding pics.


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