a few days in the life

Hey there!  So before I started up this whole blogging thing (again), I heard from a couple of friends that I should do so because they wanted to read about my daily life.  This seemed strange, because my daily life is not very exciting.  I mean, I like it, but do other people really want to read about it?  Doubtful…

Anyways, I figured it’s time to do that.  I was going to detail every day this week here, but seeing how today is Thursday and I cannot remember anything about Monday or Tuesday, and I would just have to write down a bunch of lies, I’ll start with yesterday, and keep it up through tomorrow (hopefully).  Also, I am going to be really honest so please don’t make fun of 1) the short amount of time we work out, or 2) the amount of time (some could say) that I waste.


5:45am  Danny’s alarms go off.  I bolt out of bed, put on gym clothes, take out my retainers, and then Danny gets up after telling me he should probably take a sick day and go back to bed because his tummy hurts.  I put in my contacts, Danny declares that he feels better when I say maybe he shouldn’t go to the gym, fill up my water bottle, and threaten to leave the apartment if D doesn’t hurry.

6:05pm  We arrive at our apartment’s gym.

6:30am  After 20 minutes on the elliptical (for me), Danny is ready to go.

6:35am  We get home.  I put away clean dishes from last night, wash a few that are still dirty in the sink, wipe the counters, make Danny’s lunch, and a piece of toast for him.  During this time he shaves and gets dressed.

7:20am  Breakfast.  Cheerios with a sliced banana and soy milk for me, Frosted Mini Wheats with soy milk (still out of rice milk) for D.  I start crying a couple of bites in.  Danny tries to console me, but unfortunately for him, it is futile (no matter how many times he tells me it is not true, I don’t believe him – I do not have any friends).

7:35am  I finish my cereal and we move to the couch so I can cry in more comfortable location.

7:40am  D leaves for work.  I turn on the computer.  Facebook, USA Today, Gmail, Pinterest, and Mrs-O.com, are among the sites I check early every morning.

9:00am  Pick clothes, shower, research the nearest Bed, Bath, & Beyond location.  Turns out it no new ones have opened in the pat month and I must drive 20 minutes to get there.

9:30am  Print weekly Vegan Menu at the office, go through the pantry to see what ingredients we already have.  Find the address of the $1.75 movie theater.  Gather B, B, & B gift cards.

10:05am  Drive to B, B, & B.

10:25am  Arrive at B, B, & B.  Print our registry and search the store for items that we still need (cake pans, tongs)/want (donut pan, 3-in-1 avocado tool)

11:40am  Leave B, B, & B for movie theater.

11:56am  Arrive (late) and meet Uncle John and cousins.  Uncle John leaves after buying tickets, leaving the girls and I to enjoy “Wreck It Ralph.”

12:20pm  After many, many previews/false beginnings, the show begins.

2:00pm  Exit movie theater.  Find out Uncle John is getting a pet turtle.  Look for gas station.  Fill up a lil’ bit.  Attempt to follow Minerva (GPS) to my cousins’ house.  Make a few u-turns.

2:30pm  Arrive.  Chat in the foyer, then progress to the family room.  Before long, Apples to Apples emerges.

3:45pm  Depart.  ‘Follow’ Minerva to the nearest King Soopers which results in 1o minutes of circling around my aunt and uncle’s neighborhood.  I finally exit and decide to ditch King Soopers.  I sniff out a Target and buy ingredients for dinner.

4:45pm  Haul groceries and a few B, B, & B purchases inside and begin black bean enchiladas.

5:12pm  D calls saying that he is on his way home.  I hit the enchiladas hard as they are not yet in the oven…oops.

5:50pm  Enchiladas emerge from the oven, just in time for Danny to finish Ab Ripper X (or something like that) and the Spanish rice that he so enjoys to finish cooking (note: I do not endorse this product).  We eat it and decide it is one of the best things we have ever eaten.

6:30pm  I clear the table, wash dishes, and put away leftovers while D uploads photos of himself doing Ab Ripper X to the Facebook group entitled “Abtastic April” (yes, this is a real thing).  I finish all the cleaning up so I crack open the February edition of Real Simple (oh, the things I find at the library!), which was my favorite magazine from middle school until the middle of college, when I ran out of time to read magazines.

7:15pm  A minor fight ensues about how long the photos for Abtastic April took.

7:30 – 9:30pm  I have no idea what happened here…

9:30pm  Choose pajamas (yes, this is a legitimate thing that takes time, and yes, they always need to match), brush teeth, remove contacts, wash face.

10:09pm  Nine minute impromptu Skype with my parents and Mysteridge (awesome).  My mom is the funniest Skype-r you will ever meet.

10:18pm  Computer is turned off, lights are turned off, we sleep.


6:25am  Alarms go off.  I jump out of bed immediately; Danny lingers (this is typical).  D shaves, gets dressed, etc.  I clean up the kitchen a bit.

7:00am  Danny’s dad, Keith, calls.  He’s coming to our house tonight for dinner and a sleepover!  My day just gets 2,000x crazier.  This is the first time I will be hosting one of the in-laws (besides those of the brother or sister variety) and I feel so. much. pressure.  D tells me I’m crazy but he cannot convince me (keep reading to find out that I, indeed, am wrong).  We eat breakfast while I make a list of tasks in my head.

7:15am  I declare that I have 275 tasks to do.

7:40am  D leaves for work and tells me I only have 274 tasks now – he made the bed!  So sweet.  This also means I won’t wash the sheets today…after all, the bed’s already made, why undo his hard work, right? ;)

7:40 – 11:30am  I am not really sure what happened here.  Something similar to Wednesday around the same time, probably, except a bit extended.  I also made a cup of tea but didn’t drink it.  And wrote some blog posts.  Probably read some blogs too.

11:30am  I determine it is too late to go to the grocery store before I have to be at the library, so I clean.  Our bathroom, the kitchen, our bedroom.  I also vacuum and do one of my very favorite tasks – cleaning out the vacuum.  Seriously.  I love doing this…taking apart all the pieces, rinsing them in the sink, realizing I forgot a piece and finding another one (!!!), letting them dry, and then putting it all back together.  Getting to clean out the vacuum makes me want to vacuum more often, like everyday or something.

12:25pm  Shower.  I list this because not everyone in our household showers daily, and that person is clearly not me.

12:40pm  Heat up leftover enchiladas.  Chop fresh tomato and avocado for it.  Eat my masterpiece.  Instantly feel sick.  Maybe the enchiladas are not one of the best things we have ever eaten…

12:48pm  Leave for the library, extremely concerned that I will be late for my volunteer shift as a holds processor.

12:59pm  Arrive.  On time.  Victory.

2:45pm  Depart library for King Soopers.  Buy stuff for dinner for the next four nights.  Wander around in disbelief that King Soopers does not stock garam masala nor alfalfa sprouts.  What kind of store is this?!

3:45pm  Head home with groceries (that I could find) in tow.  Call Whitney because it is (was) her birthday.  Leave a voice mail for the birthday girl, put groceries away, battle over what to make for dinner since I now have ingredients for four different meals (minus alfalfa sprouts and garam masala, of course), try to make use of new gadgets from B, B, & B trip but find that many of them do not fit our needs (tiny drawers, tall knives, etc.) and throw them under the desk in anger.

5:06pm  D calls – he is leaving work.  I instruct him to call his father and find out the plan (a.k.a. How long do I have to get dinner ready?).

5:08pm  D calls again – his dad is coming in 10 minutes.  My next words, “You owe me.  And what should I make for dinner?”  Meltdown just barely avoided.

5:17pm  D arrives.  Woohoo!  Always good to see my man.  It is decided that I should make only salad (bad call, in retrospect).

5:20pm  Keith calls me (Danny just got done dropping his phone on the floor) – “What apartment is it?”  D goes down to help him with his luggage.  Arrival!  Greetings!  Hugs!

5:25pm  I cut things like pears and strawberries and boil things like asparagus and lentils and toss things like salad and strawberry dressing (mmm).  Men chat.

6:00pm  We eat.  And talk and talk and talk.  We move to the couch.  And talk.

8:10pm  D makes popcorn.  We turn on an episode of The Office and afterwards declare it is bedtime.  At last.

9:15pm  Brush teeth, remove contacts, wash face, read a chapter of Banished and turn in for the night.  D is asleep by this point.


5:45am  Alarms.  D and I get out of bed at the same time.  I repeat, DANNY EVERETT AND I GET OUT OF BED AT THE SAME TIME.  Friends, readers, random people, this has not happened before.  And it is awesome.

5:55am  Depart house for the gym.

6:35am  Leave gym for the day, content in my sweatiness and the completion of one more issue of Real Simple (today I rode the stationary bike, which leaves my hands free for magazine reading).

6:40am  Prep Danny’s lunch while he showers (lucky me!), Keith wakes up which means I can put the clean dishes away (without fear of disturbing his sleep), D emerges from getting clean, we eat breakfast (the three of us), talk

7:35am  I try to take a photo of father and son but am vehemently denied :(

7:42am  D leaves for work, I clean up the aftermath of lunch packing/breakfast eating/last night’s dinner

8:05am  Keith leaves, computer emerges…

11:09am  …and here I am…three hours later.  In that time I have checked my favorite sites, read a few blogs, found four potential recipes for dessert tonight (Mormon missionaries are coming!), finished yesterday’s cup of tea, and updated This Is Me.

11:30am  I begin the peanut butter & jelly banana donut muffins I’ve been wanting to make all week.  I think to myself during one of the last steps, “No matter how good these are, I will never make these again.”

12:23pm  Stuck the muffins in the oven (at last!) and jumped in the shower, coming out with just a few minutes to spare before the timer beeps.  Muffins onto the counter, bread in the toaster, peanut butter ready.  Toast made, muffin grabbed so I can dash out the door for the library (same drill as yesterday).

12:48pm  Leave home for the library.  Why can I never give myself fifteen minutes to get there?!

1:00pm  Arrive.  Toast in tummy, muffin thoroughly enjoyed.  Maybe I will make these again…after all, the only flour they use is whole wheat pastry…

3:05pm  All holds processed, so I browse a few shelves in search of American Grown.  I grab it, as well as a book on organic shopping…Dog has inspired me to learn more.

3:45pm  Arrive home after some nasty traffic on I-25 (boo).  Put together a salad.  Eat and surf the web while (not really) motivating myself to make a cake for tonight.

4:20pm  Try to begin stuffed portobello mushroom caps for dinner, but realize I must clean up the dishes and counters from the muffins first.  Aim to have dinner in the oven by 5pm…

5:20pm  D gets home.

5:25pm  Dinner in the oven…only a few (okay, many) minutes behind.  Prep ingredients for pumpkin chocolate chip bundt cake, set table, wash a few dishes.

5:5opm  Eat dinner with D, clean up, make pumpkin chocolate chip bundt cake, re-read some of our  book on Mormon beliefs vs. Christian beliefs in preparation.

7:35pm  Mormon missionaries, with a friend (Jessica) in tow, make the scene.  The cake continues to bake, making me a bit worried.

7:45pm  Cake emerges, cools for a couple minutes as we chat.  I enlist Jessica (who we find out went to high school with Danny!) to help me get the cake out of the pan and onto a cooling rack…major mistake.  Warm cake falls through cooling racks.  The girls (and D) are gracious and eat it anyways.  It is tasty too, by the way.

9:05pm  Missionaries + Jessica leave.  Goodness, we love those girls.  I transfer the cake to a pedestal, process the evening with D, and crawl into bed.  We have a big day ahead of us (Saturday’s VOM conference all day and game night with international students at night), not to mention an early morning trip to the gym.

If you just read that insanely long post, you are my best friend.  And really nice and patient.  This is my real life, without exaggeration or lie, and I approve this message.

2 thoughts on “a few days in the life

  1. Shannon Everett(I typed Jones first and had to delete and re-type), I really love you. SO. MUCH. That was really enjoyable to ready. I hope I get to read about many more days in your life. I can picture you doing all of it and I love it.

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