five reasons why today is great

1. It is cloudy and gloomy and is threatening rain/snow.  This kind of weather is my very, very favorite.

2. I had an interview for a volunteer position at Compassion International today!  My interviewer was so sweet, and really ‘got’ me, I think.

3. I got a postcard from one of my very favorite people today, Miss Amanda Neiges!   From Milan!  She went there for the weekend a few weeks ago and it was so very sweet of her to think of me and send a postcard all the way across the pond!

4. During my interview at Compassion, Jennifer, my interviewer, mentioned that she interviewed someone (whose name is Rachel) that seems to be a very similar life stage to me – she recently moved to the Springs with her husband, they have no children, she isn’t working, and she just interviewed to volunteer at Compassion – all of which describe me too!  And get this…they live in the same apartment building as us.  WHAT?!  She’s going to email Rachel and see if she wants to connect with me.  This could be really sweet blessing, so I’ll keep y’all posted.

5. I have had three cups of green tea so far.  I think that’s the most I’ve had in one day (without being in China)!


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