since getting married

On Thursday I did something I hadn’t done since getting married.  I stayed up past midnight.

These days, since we usually get up between 5am and 6:15am (depending on what time Danny has to work that day and whether or not we go to the gym before said work), we’re getting ready for bed by 10pm…at the latest.  Many of our friends from college (who are still in college or at least living like it) think we’re crazy and just don’t understand.  All I understand is that when I wake up at that hour on a daily basis, I cannot stay up late.  It is not a choice.

Other things have changed since getting married, too.

For example, I haven’t left town aside from going back to Greeley for doctor’s appointments (and of course sneaking in some visits with family and friends) and going to Ikea (it’s basically its own town) for all of our furniture needs.

I’ve started cooking dinner every night (unless we have so many leftovers, we don’t have any more containers to keep them in, and thus decide we should not make anything new).

Besides the ever-growing piles of laundry and never-clean bathrooms, I have very few obligations.  No school, no work, no meetings.  {This is why, ladies, you should tell your man to get a job so you can stay at home all day like me.  It’s kind of awesome.}

I used to get paid to play Pinterest and answer the occasional phone call, but now I volunteer.  I volunteer to pour cereal/pack a lunch/make dinner every day, I volunteer to make sure we get out of bed and do not get consumed by dirty dishes, I volunteer to coordinate our social calendar (okay, so this is not a real thing, but if it were, I would volunteer to do it).  I also volunteer at the library which is only a little bit more legit than those other tasks.

I get lost often.  Try moving to a new town where all the streets have names and not numbers and you, too, will buy yourself a GPS.

I have developed a love/hate relationship with the grocery store.  I can’t remember how I used to feel about grocery shopping, but I sure know how I feel now!  It is a battle.  A battle to stay within the budget (first time I’ve had one of those in my life!) and to not be overcome by the crowds of people.  The Colorado Springs metro area has somewhere around 650,000 people and one Sprouts.  One.  Bad idea.  Sprouts, if you are looking to expand, please please please consider north Colorado Springs.  Preferably next to the Bass Pro Shops that is being constructed behind the mining museum (aka across the street from us).

I have slept through the night somewhere around six times since becoming a Mrs.  Three of those times were when I was in Greeley visiting my parents and had my good ol’ twin bed all to myself.  The last three times were sometime during the past week-ish, about the time I started implementing a “pull-your-pillow-all-the-way-to-the-edge-of-the-bed-so-that-we-are-as-far-away-from-each-other-as-possible” mandate.  Not exactly the cuddling-all-night sort of thing we envisioned, but in our case, sleep > cuddling.

I have someone to do tasks I don’t want to do.  This primarily applies to scraping off my car (if we are going somewhere together), deadbolting the front door at night, and running out to the car at night to get stuff that we’ve forgotten.  I still put out the trash, wash the dishes, and do the laundry, however.

I dance more than I ever thought possible.  In the car, in the kitchen, and even in front of the computer as I (okay, we) watch One Direction and Taylor Swift music videos.  It is awesome.

I don’t buy purses or shoes or clothes anymore.  I don’t need to say anything else, except that this is both good and bad.


One thought on “since getting married

  1. Shannon, you have a knack for this blogging thing and have such a sense of humor in your writing! I love reading these! Thanks for sharing a tiny bit of your laughter, joy, and life through your writing! :) Love this and you!

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