these are the best thing…

This afternoon is looking a bit like yesterday afternoon…I’m eating a cupcake and Danny’s playing guitar.  Except it’s a little different.  I just got done making cookies ‘n’ cream cupcakes with frosting bearing the same name.  And D’s writing his own song, not singing some of our popular favs.  In fact, I’ve been helping him.  “You should end it with ‘Amen.’  Add ‘Hallelujah’ here.  No, ‘Alleluia.’  It’s close to Easter.”

Anyways, I’ve never really been one for making cupcakes.  I’ve more been in cookies and bars, things I consider easier, as there’s not as many ‘parts’ (you know, cupcakes, frosting, liners, etc.).  And then came the vanilla cupcakes which were really good and won the praise of our non-vegan friends (Steve + Jamie).  So when this recipe caught our eyes on Pinterest, I had all the ingredients on hand, and the vanilla cupcakes were gone, it was like everything aligned…I was going to make them.  They’re not hard, they call for ordinary ingredients (even for non-vegans), and they are really pretty too (shocker).

these are the best thing

Here is what Danny said after his first two bites, “These are the best thing to ever happen to me…”   I am thinking to myself…what about marriage?  Me?  Jesus?


A little while later, he added, “…that you have baked.”

{Sidenote: In between that time and right now (about seven minutes) a snowstorm started and ended.  Now it looks like summer outside.  Oh Colorado…what will we do with you?!}


5 thoughts on “these are the best thing…

  1. If you click on “cookies ‘n’ cream cupcakes” in the first paragraph (it’s in orange), it should take you to the website. I used the footnote to add in the cookies, and followed the link in the recipe to the butter cream frosting.

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  4. so, I’m reading your blogs backwards, which I am now realizing is a bad idea! ha!

    You should really start blogging daily, and talk about young married life. Your blogs can be such an inspiration to other young married couples out there!
    Keep talking about cooking and your fun adventures with Danny as newly weds, it’s great.
    I just love it, and I’m sure I would love it even more if I was a young bride, because I would have so many things to relate to, so maybe if other young brides read it within the area, you’ll start finding so many friends in the same boat!!

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