average saturday

Right now I’m eating a cupcake and listening to Danny play guitar…mmmm.  This is a good Saturday.

This morning we woke up later than usual (7:15am!) to clouds teasing of rain.  After both of us squeezing into the chair in our living room, we browsed Pinterest for breakfast ideas.  We decided on quick mini cinnabuns after D decided that  he wanted to eat something healthy.  In the middle of said baking adventure, we remembered that we needed to register our cars…after all, it has only been 4 months and a couple of days since Danny’s parents gave him their Californian car, and two months give or take since got married and my car became ours.

We finished up those cinnabuns and gobbled up their deliciousness and (Danny) decided there was no time for showers, gathered our documents, and went to the DMV.  Come to find out, D’s car needed a VIN verification.  Cue GPS and the nearest car dealership.  Super sweet blessing: what took three minutes and is supposed to cost $20 was free for us today thanks to the kind young man who ‘verified’ D’s car!  Next stop: library.  Of course we forgot proof of insurance for my car.

Back to the DMV, Danny’s toy (aka Kindle) and my purse stuffed with documents and my current read (First Cameraman) in hand.  Most people don’t like the DMV, right?  Rhetorical question.  I have never heard anyone say anything nice about the DMV.  However, they have not been to the Colorado Springs DMV.  Imagine this: walk to a smiling lady asking how she can help you and classifies your wait time according to what you need to do (driver’s license, car registration, etc.).  Once you take your seat, you can watch the countdown until you can take care of business or watch some TV (unfortunately, someone at the DMV finds Fox News to be a quality, unbiased news source…).  Danny took Angry Birds while I took on the unread pages of my book (probably not a great choice considering their choice of TV show, but it was all I had).  Less than thirty minutes later, we were seated at the desk of Matt M., ready to get our cars in accordance with the state of Colorado law.  $285 and some change later, we had done the deed.  Goodness gracious, real life is expensive!  We drove home, Danny pumped that we had just registered our cars and obviously real married people, me disgruntled that we hadn’t brought a check and saved the $3 fee the ATM demanded from us.

And now, after some leftovers and admiration of our new license plates, here we are.  Lazin’ around on a cloudy (my favorite) Saturday afternoon.  Before long, Danny will go join some pals for football (a weekly tradition around here) and I’ll enjoy a phone call with one of my favorites and my maid of honor, Andrea.  I’ll keep hoping for rain and make soup and crescent rolls and maybe even dessert too.  After all, there’s only one mini cupcake left.

{In between sentences, I browsed USA Today’s slideshow of Life inside North Korea, and subsequently typed into Google, “How to Get to North Korea” and just for interest’s sake researched plane tickets to Pyongyang.  Just thought you just know.}


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