This post is dedicated to Rachel Everett, my sister (in-law) of 63 days.  Rachel is 26 years old and she loves me like I was her real live sister.  {I think at least.  I’ve never actually had a sister by birth, so I’m just speculating}.  When we first met, I had been dating Danny for about three weeks, and when we went down to her apartment after church one Sunday, she made us sandwiches and gave us popsicles.  It was nice.  This is the first picture I have of us together, circa Easter 2011.

Rachel + Shannon = First Picture Together

Really good, huh?  {I debated not posting it because I look so…terrible, but decided that photos just capture reality, and that was my reality at that time.}  Nowadays, she gives me hand-me-downs and bakes me things and meets me for lunch just because.  Since I’ve known her, she’s changed her hair color six times (at least by my count) and she’s had a couple of different boyfriends.  But she’s always been Rachel: opinionated, hard working, funny, and genuine.  She has always made an effort to spend time with me, call me, and care about me, even when we had just started dating, and even after that one time Danny and I broke up – she still wanted to be my friend!  Here’s one of my all-time favorite pictures of us:


Some of my favorite things about Rachel: she’s honest.  She takes care of herself.  She’s working wicked hard on getting her master’s degree, and doesn’t give up, even when her car breaks down or her computer breaks down or her boyfriend breaks up with her.  She also works (a lot) and never complains.  She works out and has lost a ton of weight in the past year.  In other words, she inspires and motivates me.  Rachel, I love love love you, and had the best time with you today.  Here’s to years and years of climbing mountains, baking treats for each other, and so. much. fun.



{Sidenote: I promise I am not naked in that one picture.  I am wearing a strapless wedding dress in it.  By the way, I did not wear that wedding dress to my wedding.  I actually sold it online and bought a new one in China.  But that’s a story for another day.}


3 thoughts on “rachel

  1. True story. I debated using another picture, but then I couldn’t say it was the first picture we took together. So I decided to deal with it and post newer ones to show how much we’ve improved!

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