blogging: take III

After a hiatus, I’m starting to blog again.

At the beginning of last year (2012), I started this blog, Pandas and Lemons.  I wrote anonymously, and was very vulnerable and open, since I believed that no one that knew me could find my blog and figure out it was me.  I stopped posting in May, when I got engaged and my then-fiance left for Bangladesh for the summer.  In August, I started Danny Loves Shannon, which was created to chronicle our engagement and give our friends and family information about our upcoming wedding.  Now that we’ve gotten married and are settling into our new life together, I’ve decided to give blogging another chance.  This time, however, I’m not writing anonymously, and while I couldn’t bring myself to delete all of my old posts, they are password protected (aka you can’t read them unless you’re me or know my secret password).  I hope to open them up as I become more comfortable with sharing what I once wanted to keep anonymous.

Now that that’s out of the way, onto the good stuff.

I’m Shannon.  I live in Colorado Springs with my new husband and bestest friend, Danny.  He works at T.Rowe Price and I work (unpaid) at home.

The most exciting thing that’s happened recently?  Getting married.  Here’s evidence (the password is everett).

In more recent news, this weekend, our sink stopped working.  Boo.  Well, not really, but it stopped draining at a reasonable speed, and the disposal was making bad noises, so we decided to stop using it.  Good thing Emily and Chris invited us to have lunch with them or else things might have gotten a little messy and out of control (aka flooded).

We also did a lot of reading (Tim Tebow for Danny, Lost on Planet China for me.), some trekking in the nature area near our apartment, and Glow Golf at the mall.  And, as is usual for weekends, we ate leftovers, went to church, and slept in a little bit.  We also chatted with our families and hung out with Adam and Jen.  Danny had to work on Saturday morning, and I went to my cousin’s 12th birthday party (love having family in town!), complete with a penguin cake and homemade music videos.

I promise that I’ll try to be more exciting in the future, but for now, this is what I’ve got.

Until next time,

Shannon (+ Danny)


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