apartment living

During college, I lived in both my parents’ house and in a section of a huge old house.  Danny lived in four places in four years: his parents’ house, the dorms on campus, an apartment, and in a house with eight other guys.  After graduating, I moved back in with my parents for the interim time between college and marriage, and Danny lived in a variety of places before leasing our current apartment.  I joined him after we got married.

I didn’t think we’d like living in an apartment…neighbors, noise, noisy neighbors, limited space, etc.  Much to our surprise and delight, however, we love it.  We live on the third floor and our neighbors are, thus far, silent (I hope we’re not the noisy ones!) and have only banged on our floor once (Danny is a very enthusiastic guitar player).

The best part(s) about our situation: we are not responsible for very much and it is beautiful.  Case in point: our bathroom fan stopped working one day last month so we filed a service request online and the maintenance man came and fixed it within 24 hours.  Our sink/disposal got all weird this weekend and it was fixed within an hour!

Evidence of it being beautiful:

Nightly Sunset

Almost every evening, as I make dinner and pick up the house before Danny comes home, I get to gaze upon something glorious like this.  Pinks, purples, blues…the Lord paints the sky so beautifully and so uniquely each night.  And in the morning, there is always something new and lovely to greet us (well, usually once we’ve been up for a while.  We’re early birds these days!).

Our balcony overlooks the clubhouse, pool, and I-25.  When I came down to visit Danny in December and spent an afternoon at the apartment while Danny was at work,  the sound of cars on the highway was always with me.  I couldn’t believe that we would be living within such close proximity to such an earsore (potentially a made up word).  However, after a couple of months, we almost never hear it.  I think come spring/summer/fall, and the windows are open, we may be more aware of it, but right now it’s not a big deal.  So thankful for that.  Right now, I’m watching cars and trucks move at a snail’s pace…it snowed this afternoon…I was shocked and thrilled all at the same time.  To commemorate the occasion  I went out on the patio in my pj’s to take a few photos…

Leaning Dangerously Over the Balcony

Soooo beautiful

Super duper excited about snow

Goodness, I love the snow.  So much.  Unfortunately, Danny really does not like it all, so that is kind of a bummer.  In his super sweet husband-ness, however, he is learning to delight in it because I do.  Just a minute ago, the sun sat over the mountains, so imagine the first picture, combined with the next three, but without me.

Mountains + a fresh snowfall + the pinks and purples of a glorious sunset = No words.

Goodness, we sure are blessed to be living in Colorado Springs, at the foot of the mountains, in the winter.  And now, one more shot of today’s beauty…a lil’ panorama for you.



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