thousands of miles

Sometimes it seems like miles have far too much power.  They separate people, they separate places, they separate realities.  In a more figurative sense, they separate hearts and opinions and ideas.

I’m thousands of miles away from where I want to be…both literally and figuratively.

My character is countless miles from reaching its final, perfect destination: becoming like Jesus.

Within eight days, my roommate (whom I have come to thoroughly enjoy the past two weeks since she broke up with her bf) will have moved to Hawaii.  Boooooooo.  From our house to where she’s going: 3, 366 miles.  I couldn’t bike/swim/walk there if I wanted to!

My physical body wants to be on a camping trip with my family or walking the streets of Xi’an with my dear Chinese friends or baking in my kitchen with just me and Jesus.

Within two months, the bf will be 7,907 miles away.  Once again, booooooo.  Major booooooo.

Some positive miles apart: I’m miles away from who I was a couple of years ago.  I’m miles away from hunger and poverty and thirst.  I’m miles away from the gates of hell, thanks to Jesus’ saving power and redemption!

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