hot date: accomplished

Remember a couple of weeks back when I told you I had a hot date with the bf?  And then I cancelled it because an unfortunate situation with my roommate and her bf arose and caused problems for me and my bf.

Well, I rescheduled it for last night.  We went to The Melting Pot and it was awesome.

The bf was so surprised, as I kept him in the dark the whole time, telling him only that he needed to dress up and that he should come hungry because it was going to be a four course meal.  We drove about an hour to get there and then walked a couple of blocks from the parking garage.  The outside of the building was unassuming, but the inside was great, especially because of the dim lighting (I feel uncomfortable under really bright, flourescent lighting) and the great bathrooms.  The food was SO GREAT.  The cheese fondue (with bread and veggies and apples), the salad, the main course (with meat and veggies), the dessert (with cheesecake and marshmallows and brownies and strawberries and bananas).  We were in the restaurant for nearly three hours…what a fun fun fun experience.

The best part was seeing how thrilled the bf was to be there.  And the drive there was pretty great too.  I just talked and talked.  About my day – all the little details – and my favorite things and places and family vacations.  He just listened and listened.

I dressed up too.  My green dress from my sweet friend who GAVE me this dress brand new, just because.  And I wore my new black heels and didn’t even fall!  The bf told me I looked great and I believed it.

The weather was hot.  The food was hot.  We looked hot.

It was a good date.


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