back at it

I have returned!

Nine days with 25 of my closest friends (ha) road-tripping to and from Joplin, Missouri, which meant lots of car time, lots of fast food, lots of gas station bathrooms, lots of sleeping on an air mattress in a room full of girls, and many other similar delights.  Sounds awesome, huh?

No, but really.  It was awesome.  With about four hours left in the trip I realized that this is my last Spring Break trip with my college ministry.  Boo.  On one hand, I’m so glad.  But on the other, I’m so bummed.  What a great opportunity to be with like minded students of same age, with the common purpose of sharing the Good News and loving others in Jesus’ name.

I had so many good conversations with friends, both new and old.  I got to work alongside the bf, which was a treat especially since he first fell for me exactly two years ago on a Spring Break trip with the same campus ministry.  I was blessed to be able to spend time with Jesus each day, both through prayer and through reading His Word – going through the New Testament for Lent has been so good.  I got to shower and eat three meals a day, every day…not everyone in the world gets to do that.

Man.  There’s just so much.  Right now it’s very very late…close to 2am Joplin time.  Once I gather my thoughts and process a bit more, I’ll have more for you.


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