you look good

Tonight one of my housemates said, “You look good.  Have you lost weight?”

Okay, who doesn’t want to hear that?

Inside my mind, multiple voices battle to be heard and declared the best.

One says,”No you haven’t.  That’s silly.  Must have been the shirt you were wearing or the angle or the lighting or a combination of all of the above.”

Another says,”You do look good.  She’s right.  Way to go on eating healthier!”

Yet another says,”You look okay.  Better than before, that’s for sure.  Keep up the wheat-free, dairy-free diet for a while and before long you’ll look even better.  Just think how many people would say something then!”

Do any of you out there know what I’m talking about?  This isn’t something I can really cover in a blog at 11pm at night, or any blog for that matter.  These things are hard and even harder to put into words.

I keep getting distracted…looking up who wore what to the Oscar’s tonight…writing a sentence here…reading more about Mark and Grace Driscoll…writing another sentence…texting…using Facebook…writing an (insignificant) email…so on and so forth.  Goodnight!


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